Whether it is true or not, that several high ranking democratic party insiders and senior Obama-Biden campaign staffers are privately expressing a sense of growing anxiety over the popularity of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. I speculate the deployment of Hillary Clinton to shore up support amongst women and independents who may account for some of the GOP poll bounce is a direct result of the latest poll numbers.

From the perspective of this self acknowledged Obama supporter. I concede the McCain campaign is doing a very effective job of embracing Senator Obama’s theme of change, which was a political tactic Bill Clinton often used to his advantage and riled republicans to no end.

Because the error of margin for polls is within the difference for both candidates, the race for the white house is in a statistical dead heat. Both candidates, their staff and surrogates need to bring their A game to the stump every day and avoid the major stumbles that allow the other to peel off poll points, which is really a loss among the small block of undecided voters who will determine the outcome of the election.

I do see one positive reflection unnoticed by other Obama Bloggers in the new poll numbers. It comes from research questioning the accuracy of polling data in the age of cell phones. While folks who make fortunes providing poll data quickly published a study that claims otherwise. Many social scientists have and are continuing to question the fundamental accuracy of data compiled from studies limited to residential phone lines. My view that the polls may be way off comes from the marketing trends and consumer studies concluding young people and many minorities have Internet access but not a residential line. This would suggest they may be excluded in traditional polling data to a significant degree.

If we assume the Obama campaign is telling the truth about how much cash it has raised on the Internet in small increments. Provided the people who sent five and ten dollar donations actually turn out and vote for Obama on Election Day the numbers could be staggering.

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