Blogging from Phoenix: GOP insiders are reporting, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making his anticipated bid for control of the Republican Party. Political insiders also claim he is quickly becoming the principle figure behind continued efforts to ramp up public attacks on Sarah Palin. The strategy to ridicule Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, is a tactic intended to discourage her from any attempt to seek National influence. She is viewed by the RNC establishment, as the most potentially dangerous threat to their hold on the infrastructure of the party. I am told by a source in the Palin inner circle of advisers and confidants, The old boys per usual are several fatal steps behind, the potential threat is already executing plans and circling for the kill shot.
Governor Palin wasted little time Friday in labeling as cowards those who make anonymous statements to the media. While current GOP office holders in party leadership positions attempt to present a unified public face, civil war is looming in the republican ranks, Ideologues’ are preparing to battle the entrenched establishment old guard. As a liberal blogger I do not have a dog in the fight, so my perspective is at least objective.

The most relevant fact seems to be the respected Rasmussen poll. It reports a whopping 64 percent of the rank and file is behind Governor Sarah Palin while former Governor Romney is only able to draw 11 percent of the party faithful.

And in an “Exclusive B.N.N heads up“, my friend in Governor Palin’s inner circle, revealed one substantive action coming out of Thursday’s conservative council of war in Virginia. The suggestion Sarah move quickly to establish a National media presence is under way this weekend. Those who tune into Monday and Tuesdays interview with the Governor on FOX will learn more of the detail. Governor Palin intends to pursue an agenda of informing not only the folks of Alaska but all Americans of how as Governor of energy rich Alaska, she can do her part to help move us towards energy independence and correct misinformation being put out against her at the same time.

From my political perspective, the continued attacks by establishment republicans to discredit the Alaskan Governor will have the same effect as the campaigns attempt to link President Elect Obama with terrorists; They will backfire badly and make her all the more a populist heroine amongst the evangelical social conservatives who comprise the single largest uniform block of republican voters.

From a tactical standpoint as a vice presidential candidate Governor Palin made more than 130 stump stops in a hundred plus cities in more than 25 states while running Alaska. John McCain had to call a campaign time out just to visit his Senate offices once, which demonstrates she posses the tactical savvy to stage a political coup. And I speculate based on my source in the Palin camp. The Greata Van Susteren appearance will be considered by most pundits as her shot across the bow of the establishment old guard and a chance for those who want to join her ranks to declare loyalty.

From the pure nuts and bolts standpoint of taking control of a party, Amongst Governor Palins first targets should be Mike Duncan the feckless national GOP chairman. And she ought to praise South Carolina State Chairman Katon Dawson who issued a public statement condemning the ridicule of the parties vice presidential candidate as the expression of disgruntled losers.

The long knives are out and the fight will be bloody. Pundits often speak of political capitol, Sarah Palin is adored by the most powerful constituency in the republican party, the rank and file Christian social conservative. Provided she moves quickly to dispel the notion she is an air head, they will rally in mass to her banner. I speculate by the time President Elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin may just be in practical terms the leader of the republican party. 

That’s my view, yours may be different


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