While establishment republicans snagged most of the plum conference appointments, they still managed to make sour grapes out of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s stealing the Republican Governors conference media spotlight. 

The governors met in Miami to discuss the future of a party shattered in the last two election cycles. The parties National and State house losses have been so severe; they may face real completion from independents and libertarians in the 2010 midterms. With prominent republicans displaying an everyone for themselves political mentality, the establishment is left attempting to promote a small clique of party insiders as the future of the GOP.
To the annoying consternation of establishment loyalists Sarah Palin, despite the vicious personality attacks that began a couple weeks before Election Day, Simply refuses to fade from public discussion. It’s the revelations of eleven million plus book offers and daily media attention that create the kind of national exposure which separates front runners from the pack in the on going turf battle for control of the Republican Party. The Alaskan governors raw political talent is even beginning to impress pundits on the cable news shows. When democratic strategists’ like James Carville stop ridiculing and start taking about the things you need to do to be competitive for 2012, it’s a sign you are beginning to flip the crowd.

The President elect though still two months out from taking office is none the less exploiting confusion in the ranks and attempting to co-op as many House and Senate republican office holders as propriety allows. Dozens of republicans are reportedly under serious consideration for important sub-cabinet post in the Obama administration. Rumor has it even Senator Joe Lieberman despised by most rank and file liberal’s now has enough support to keep his powerful homeland security committee chairmanship.

The post of Secretary of State is now Senator Hillary Clintons for the taking a DNC source tells me a compromise has been reached on the crucial area of vetting. The stumbling block had been President Clinton’s unwillingness to provide the usual depth of detail required in respect to who exactly donated to his foundation or paid him fees since he left office. It’s been decided provided Bill Clinton is willing to clear any future foreign and domestic financial dealings with the administration, what’s past is past, of course Hillary will need to decide if she even wants to give up her seat in the Senate, she is the odds on favorite as the next Senate majority leader and may decide her individual legacy is better served as a legislator.

That’s my view, yours may be different


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