A new Gallup poll indicates Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin seems to have  won the battle for the hearts and minds of the GOP rank and file. No doubt to the chagrin of establishment insiders, the former republican vice presidential candidate blitzed a field of a dozen or so current and former GOP office holders to draw a commanding 76% of party faithful who support her as the candidate for 2012.

While establishment elders still retain control of the republican national infrastructure and bank accounts. The Alaskan Governor is on her way to obtaining titular power, as social conservatives in the house and senate, maneuver for control of minority leadership posts in the next congress. Should Palin loyalist Katon Dawson become the next chair of the republican national committee in January, Sarah Palin’s supporters can rightly declare her the winner in the political battle for control of the Grand Old Party.
Of course second and third poll ranked also ran’s like Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney, will be very vocal in disputing anyone, who presumes to characterize Governor Palin’s has the new leader of the Republican Party. Yet the practical reality remains, if your people control the money, offices and loyalty of the congressional caucus. You become the individual who gets calls and invites from foreign leaders, Not to mention those prime seating assignments at State Dinners.

Of note is Governor Palin’s most powerful and quiet ally in her battle for control of the party. None other than the soon to be ex-President George W Bush. A source in the Palin camp tells me, the current President of the United States, is using what little political capitol is left him, to promote her cause and throw some nails on the path of establishment operatives, dispatched to create media scandals or mine government data bases for dirty tricks. Sarah has spoken with the President or administration folks on a regular basis, and thankfully been given heads up on several circumstances, that could have been manipulated into false assumptions by the media claims a Palin insider.

Meanwhile Mitt Romney ,who claims to have nothing but love for the Alaskan Governor, is one individual most political pundits agree, lusts most for the opportunity to push Palin under a bus. His pursuit of the establishments nod to be the 2012 choice is said to be all consuming. And It must come as satisfying vindication for the Palin people, to know the Governors who made a point of snubbing Palin for a post in the republican governors conference in Miami, scored so low in the Gallup poll for party leadership or contention in 2012, the media is referring to them as the ten or so others who were once in contention.

Even as some cable pundits and talking heads still attempt to ridicule Governor Palin’s political future, Conservative and liberal political consultants now pose the what if questions, in respect to Palin’s influence over the nation’s political dialogue. A few respected strategists have pointed out, Judges in Minnesota, who would be the ones hearing disputes over the votes in Al Franken’s bid to become Senator lean democratic, and President Elect Obama has kept his offices open in Georgia. So the possibility remains of a filibuster proof senate, which would be the final nail in the coffin for establishment insiders. And with governor Palin amongst those campaigning for Saxby Chambliss win or lose, she appears as the most prominent 2012 hopeful eager to put party welfare above personal political ambition and hit the trail.  

In the fishbowl of constant media coverage, Palin is also expressing a message of positive approach toward democratic rule, which is the complete opposite of how republican leaders acted last time democrats were the party in power. Stating she wants to offer conservative input in seeking energy independence and fiscal responsibility, the Alaskan Governor is separating herself from the kind of historical GOP minority establishment thinking that inspired endless legislative gamesmanship, Delayed congressional action, sabotaged bi partisan attempts to avoid governmental shut downs during holidays and generally backfired badly. Till Newt Gingrich cobbled together a dominant coalition and took control of congress, proffering his infamous contract with America. A social and economic policy agenda that in reality was all show and little reform, it permitted the most vile, corrupt and greedy members of both parties to prosper for years, resulting in the complete removal of basic regulatory economic safe guards that moderates conclude directly con-sequenced the present financial crises.

Speaker Gingrich, at the time attempted to cultivate the most political capitol and shout loudest in the call for impeachment of President Clinton, even while he was secretly engaged in an adulterous sadomasochistic relationship in his capitol office.  He became one of the many, who attempted to rouse public interest in his return to public life after the collapse of the GOP this election. But with the exception of political junkies and some FOX hosts, few people even remember who Newt is till the hosts reminds them.

If Governor Palin sticks with a media strategy of encouraging bipartisan-ism and manages to flesh out her foreign policy credentials, she could be a formidable force in 2012, Provided the democrats fail to deliverer on the promises that brought them to power.

That’s my view, Yours may be different


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