Forget trooper-gate for a moment, I think senator McCain will need to fire who ever vetted Governor Sarah Palin when details of the Lungdren affair become better known
In the beauty queens first stint as a public official. Mayor of the tiny Alaskan town of Wasilla, population some 8000 souls. Madam Mayor decided to use tax money to build a fancy expensive sports complex, but instead of being honest and buying the land for the complex when it was offered to the town on the cheap.

She waited till developer Gary Lundgren bought it, then had the gall to seize the land from Lundgren through eminent domain. Of course after it was taken to court the folks of Wasilla ended up paying about $ 1.7 million for land it could have purchased for less than a tenth of that sum – the poor folks of Wasilla are still paying the price for that little shenanigan in higher taxes and service cutbacks.
A former beauty Queen praising God, guns and drilling for oil may excite the religious right and pack them into Senator McCain’s corner but I speculate Senator McCain’s gamble is going to cost the GOP more than the white house.

P.S. Burton 

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