psburton blogging from Phoenix —Despite having won both the presidency and a Nobel peace prize, Barack Obama’s aspirations for 2009 remained mostly rhetorical accomplishment, it was the woman who lost her vice presidential bid by the largest margin in history and then quit her job as Governor who emerged as the biggest personal, political and cultural winner of 2009.

I was and remain a steadfast supporter of President Barack Obama and I am confident 2010 will be a year when he breaks out and starts scoring some political home runs. But the big winners in 2009 were Sarah Palin and the corporate fat cats behind the tea party movement. Sarah Palin owns the rank and file evangelical wing of the Republican Party and while that alone is not enough to get elected President, she could if she managed to find a Karl Rove, win the nomination and provided the democrats continue to bend over and grab their ankles whenever a journalist or republican says boo, it’s not a stretch to imagine the possibility of her winning the Presidency in four years.

If her former future son in law is telling the truth and we won’t know for a couple years, the real Sarah Palin like Governor Mark Sanford, is no more than a hypocritical populist poser and would quickly fade in a campaign where she would need to interact with the media beyond her face book wall, but if she actually practices what she preaches and manages to find a Karl Rove, she could pose a serious challenge to the democratic candidate who may or may not be Barack Obama.

The President like all occupants of the oval office is in a bubble surrounded by those who apparently lack the temerity to speak truth to power. His first year in office was at best, too below average and the base wonders whatever became of candidate Obama, on occasion we catch a fleeting glimpse of the man who was going to bring change but most days he just phones it in.

If you had told me this time last year, lower middle and working class folk would embrace the notion that cheap affordable healthcare is a bad thing. I would have assumed you were an insurance industry shill, and yet with the same ease that George Bush beguiled them into embracing the idea war with a country that posed no threat to our national security was a good thing, the working poor and lower middle class enthusiastically embraced the marketing campaign of big insurance.

Just before his State of the Union address, the President will probably sign into law a bill that makes the insurance fat cats even more powerful than they could have ever hoped. The P.R campaign to kill healthcare also empowered the otherwise powerless fringe of the GOP, Brother John Birch is back from the political dead and he along with Sister Sarah and the folks at FOX now control the republican bandwagon. Provided they soften the racist tone just long enough to appeal to independents for the November midterms, 2010 will be the year that see’s democrats lose both the House and Senate but since they seem unable to accomplish anything despite having a super majority, few liberal and progressive members of the base will be all that sorry to see them booted out of office, it will allow us to regroup for 2012.

Of course November is a long way off, political miracles do happen, the President might fire some people, house and senate members could develop a backbone, the powers that be might actually decide to cut off the flow of money to fat cats and spend some cash creating jobs for the working man and when the republicans do the rounds of cable shows spouting crap a democrat might show up to call them on it.

That might seem a tall order and considering past performance, way beyond the political skills of the current democratic congress or White house staff, but in a year when a woman like Sarah Palin was able to make so much lemonade out of lemons, it’s one of my new year wishes for 2010 along with the end of the war and safe return of our troops.  

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