While Senator John McCain is to be admired for his trademark tenacity in slugging it out till the bitter end in the presidential race. It’s evident the establishment republicans, have begun throwing the first punches in the shadow battle for control of the Party. Old guard republicans who have never hesitated to sin against Ronald Regan’s commandment not to speak ill of another republican during the midst of a campaign, landed some hard sucker punches on Sarah Palin aboard the straight talk express. The blood battle for control of the Grand Old Party after November 4th assuming no last minute miracle occurs is officially under way.

Sarah Palin was drop kicked in the eyes of most observers, but perhaps the real question should be do they have her so sequestered, she is unaware of the fact she is under attack by those who are intent on destroying her national political future in its infancy?
I simply disagree with social conservatives and evangelicals when it comes to politics, that’s the two party system. I loathe and despise establishment republicans and democrats alike; they are to the last man or woman corrupt, vile creatures.

As I said in a previous post, John McCain has a couple loyal friends in politics, a few who are even republican. But his “people” are paid operatives, and like FOX contributor Dick Morris who kept Bill Clinton in office till pillow talk with a whore made him a liability, sell their skills to whoever signs a paycheck.

Rank and file Social conservatives, who comprise the largest block of republicans, see in Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin a leader who shares their core beliefs. As do the old guard who are preparing to make sure come the 5th of November if the polls are correct, her time on the national stage is over. And these guys are the kind whose lack of morality and basic humanity allows for anything.That she seems out of her political depth at present would be like faulting Tiger Woods for an inability to win the U.S. Open while still in high school. McCain picked her for what he saw. Raw political talent and someone who could fire up the base.

Hell she alone for all her naivete was making a race of it, till the market tanked and McCain locked her down and wandered off the political reservation. In the event she does not become the vice-President elect a few days hence. Should she choose to grasp the opportunity and move on the establishment after the election, provided the loss is a landslide.

Her path to claiming the reins of the GOP, which would otherwise be frustrated by a lack of political capitol and insider relationships.Becomes an asset, the fewer establishment republicans in power provides a more open field. If the electorate repudiates the GOP November 4th, Social conservatives become the deciding influence in who emerges as the party leader. That’s why the old guard is seeing to it descriptions of Diva, and Wacko are being leaked to opposition websites and news outlets. They want to quickly abort any prospect of a GOP led by Governor Sarah Palin and evangelical social conservative loyalists.

Unless Governor Palin starts reaching out to strict ideologues like Pat Robertson, James Dobson and Patrick Buchanan in the next couple days for advice on what to do now and immediately after next Tuesday, they will make short work of her.

That’s my view yours may be different


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