Where you all see tension between the top and bottom of the GOP ticket beginning to filter into the mainstream. I see the glint of Sarah Palin’s steel, the question is will she use it. We democrats tend to wander off for some intense group therapy, soul searching and perhaps a little pot smoking after losing big elections.

When the republicans lose really big, the long knives are drawn and never a party to prolong the inevitable, I smell blood in the water now. I see factions within the campaign and RNC sending signals to each other where loyalty will be pledged when the bloodletting commences.
Sarah Palin is busting a gut trying to hold it in. She wants the rank and file to know John McCain and his people are responsible for boxing in the woman they fell in love with at the convention. If they had just let her speak, perhaps she would have made a gaff or even five in the first dozen interviews as she absorbed the complexity of issues that face a national politician. Who would have held it against her provided she displayed humility and willingness and the ability to bring her game up several levels in short order. On that score even I agree, it would have been a much closer race.
But they virtually locked her in a room and crammed her so full of talking points that by the time she was put before a camera, she vomited a jumble of words that were not hers to begin with. She will remind social conservatives’ you can see the real Sarah Palin on you tube when she debated polished politicians during her bid for Governor and put them to shame.
People, the kind of people with influence in the GOP orbit, social conservatives who have never liked John McCain are beginning to defend her. I speak as a hard core liberal Democrat, she draws those crowds for a reason, she has the stuff Evita’s are made of. Save for a handful of close friends who happen to be in politics some of them even republican. John McCain’s people are paid operatives and staffers, several having already sent out resumes to the private sector in the event providence favors Obama on November 4th,
But it’s the ones who are publicly calling Sarah an empty headed Diva, nine days before the election who will join forces with what’s left of the old guard and attempt to head off Sarah should she make her play for control of the GOP. I do not read minds so I am unable to say if she will attempt it, we will know in a week or so by how she behaves should McCain lose this election as most predict he will.

To wrestle control of the party apparatus Governor Palin will need to hope we democrats win in the predicted landslide. she requires more active political capitol than she now posses. And a landslide will effect downstream seats in the congress and control at the state house level. She has too many issues back in Alaska for a sustained battle, it must be a quick and decisive purge. At present old guard republicans have a slight edge over social conservatives but if the same polls that suggest Obama is poised for a landslide hold true.
When the dust settles the republicans left standing in the congress and state houses will be social conservatives’ by enough of margin that her Excellency the Governor of Alaska would be in the perfect position to signal to those who would be her loyalists to begin the purge. Unleash the dogs of war; raise a righteous standard for the true GOP which after all is Gods Own Party.

Simply wanting it will not be enough mind you, between election day and the seating of the new congress. Sarah will be a busy modern Joan of Arc and unlike the maid of Orleans. It will be the disloyal nobles of the GOP landscape who burn. The humble servant of God will end up assuming the secular throne of her party for the good of her nation. She will have to firm up the loyalty of the rank and file social conservatives quickly. Visits to prominent evangelical leaders, ostensibly to thank them for the support during the failed campaign, Cable and talk show appearances, radio interviews, a kind of shadow campaign.
And if she can fire up the base enough, prove to them she was not the air head the McCain people left her looking , that she was indeed that woman they fell in love with at the convention, the minority leaders in the house and senate will become Palin loyalists over night or be quickly replaced by those that are, Who but Sarah Palin could possibly fire up a crushed and defeated republican electorate in the weeks that follow the election?

The RNC will follow suite and by the time Barack Obama gives his first state of the union Governor Sarah Palin will if not in actual name for all practical purposes be the titular head of the GOP. Of course some will say I read too much into the frustration being expressed by a campaign that is down in the polls before a big election. Yet If you scour the bog-o-sphere, you will find I was amongst a handful of bloggers who predicted when he was at his lowest point John McCain would rise from the dead and claim the nomination of his party. I alone said he would choose a woman has his running mate.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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