PS Burton Blogging from Phoenix– I have been critical of her from day one, to the point of being tasteless, which is why my observation that Sarah Palin could if she desires, become the walk away choice for the republican nomination is pretty much a spot on prognostication.

The pollsters who work for the establishment keep insisting Huck and Mitt draw higher positives from the rank and file, poll ratings reflect responses to questions, you can skew results any way you like by crafting the questions to favor your candidate. Polls conducted without intent to favor a particular candidate, have always returned the same results, Sarah Palin’s popularity among the base which is comprised of rank and file evangelical republicans remains in the double digits who ever the challenger might be.

Despite blog posts and e-mails from those of us who make up the rank and file liberal base of the Democratic Party, the White House and congressional leadership continues to dismiss out of hand any possibility Sarah Palin could ever be the nominee or conservatives retake one or both chambers of congress in 2010. Cable pundits and mainstream media continue to ridicule Palin for ratings and those responsible for political tactics in the democratic party focus on races against establishment republicans and next year when establishment candidates lose in GOP primary races, I worry they will behave as they did this year.

Gaining by the skin of your teeth, one congressional seat and suffering blow outs in two Governors contests should be a wakeup call, not reason to take a victory lap. The unknown remains will she run or simply play king maker. For someone the media pundits claim is all wink and no substance, it is the best strategy and since you can overlay her current book tour with a generic 2012 political campaign schedule. It’s not a stretch to speculate the midterms will play a pivotal role in whether Sarah Palin stands for President against Barack Obama in 2012.

As in every race since political control of the Republic became a contest between the two major parties, Independents will determine the winner and those who voted for the democrat in the last couple elections have overwhelmingly signaled unless they see a significant improvement in the economy in the next year, Election night 2010 will see the GOP officially emerge from the wilderness and speak with confidence of the genuine possibility of retaking the white house.    


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