Blogging from Phoenix— Attacks orchestrated by establishment republicans more than anything else are at the center of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin’s decision to step down from office. Since the November loss, beltway republicans who still control the vast party infrastructure; have spent untold amounts attempting to discredit the popular former vice presidential candidate.

Despite polls that consistently rank her well ahead of the 2012 GOP presidential pack, establishment insiders have spent the last nine months praising her in public while secretly deploying political operatives to carve her up in the main stream media and stymie her legislative agenda in Alaska. While we democrats always appreciate when the other team does our mudslinging for us, the political process overall would be more healthy, if feckless political hacks from both sides of the aisle were exposed for the hypocrites they are.

I may utterly disagree with Sarah Palin’s political views, but the reality remains she is popular among the base because she is one of the few republicans who practices what she preaches even when her actions seem contrary to conventional political wisdom. As a democrat I am also peeved the minority party in congress still manages to play our leadership like a cheap fiddle.

Prior to the “Senile” Senator from Arizona tapping her to be his running mate, Sarah Palin had managed to accomplish more legislatively for Alaska than any other Governor, Democrat or republican in the last thirty years. In the space of a year she has gone from being the most popular Governor in the country to lacking the basic political influence required to get her own cabinet nominee’s approved by a republican controlled legislature.

Despite the condemnation of establishment pundits, her decision to step down is the best choice she could make if she intends to seek the Presidency in 2012 or 2016. Establishment republicans were thrown for a loop by her Friday afternoon announcement, it will be more difficult to stab her in the back now that she is free of the campaign and financial restrictions imposed by office.

The GOP establishment was using the very campaign and ethic reform laws she helped to establish in Alaska, to prevent her from benefiting from the sea of cash she was raising for the party. The Friday afternoon announcement also forced the hand of Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansan Governor had been one of the legion of establishment hacks who praised Palin in public but spoke against her in private, He too was forced to parrot the party line, calling himself a fan of Palin but joining the cast of FOX news pundits who declared her political career over.

Despite what the folks at FOX declare, the test of Sarah Palin’s political future will be decided in the 2010 GOP congressional primary midterms, when establishment candidates face off against those supported by Sarah Palin, if Palin’s people win, She becomes the presumptive nominee in the presidential election of 2012. Of course that’s just my view yours may be different.    

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