Perhaps because she manages to maintain, a consistent double digit lead over her rivals. Alaskan Governor and recent vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is again the target of the GOP establishment.
As a liberal democrat, I disagree with many of the conservative Alaskan’s political views, but I find it unsettling the liberal side of the main stream media can be so easily manipulated into doing the bidding of those who are responsible for the current economic and social crises. Yes it’s true during the campaign the McCain camp made the critical flaw of sequestering her from the media and force feeding her so many talking points she vomited them out when she was finally allowed to interact with the press.
But absent the economic meltdown and John McCain’s almost senile response to the catastrophe, it would have been a very long election night. Polls indicate a couple days prior to the revelation George Bush and the establishment neocons had steered us into an economic calamity that could still consequence the Mother of all Great depressions, McCain/Palin were ahead in the polls. The most revealing observation to my thinking about the McCain/Palin campaign came a few days ago when the Governor remarked prior to the debate with Joe Biden she was unable to find a single McCain flak who would join her in some pre-debate prayer. While God does not pick sides in debates, I have little doubt practicing Catholic Joe Biden and his closest aid’s took a few minutes to offer up some hail Mary’s and our Father’s on bended knee in the green room.

Sarah Palin is discovering the dystopian reality of republican politics, Ronald Reagan was the last genuine conservative to lead the country, RNC chair Michael Steele is truly representative of the old boys and girls who have come to control the party of Lincoln, they preach values and country and God but it’s little more than lapel flag patriotism.
While the mainstream media joins the GOP establishment in mockery and ridicule, Should President Obama fail to level off the economic nose dive and instill confidence he is on the right path, she could emerge in four years having devoured a library of the appropriate political tomes, polished and empowered with the political skills that permit her to provided the electorate with positions on foreign and domestic policy that appeal to that narrow margin of voters who determine elections.

That’s my view, yours may be different 

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