Former republican vice presidential candidate and current leader in the fight for control of the Republican party Sarah “the pit bull” Palin is speaking her mind again.

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The Alaskan Governor launched another media salvo in her continuing campaign to win the battle for hearts and minds amongst rank and file members of the GOP. “A lot of people are capitalizing on some exploiting that was done on me, my family and my administration,” said Palin. “That is a bit perplexing but it also says a lot of about our society.”

The Governor pointed to the selection of Tina Fey as entertainer of the year by the associated press as an example of the exploitation and double standard the media has engaged in and she spoke critically of CBS anchor Katie Couric; “You are not the center of the universe,” Palin remarked.

The Governor contrasted the very favorable coverage of Caroline Kennedy in her quest to replace Secretary of State designate and current Senator Hillary Clinton, and speculated the difference in coverage may be a “class” issue, observing Kennedy’s pedigree and family affluence seems to have impressed reporters more than her middle class working roots though she added her comments were not intended as a criticism of Ms, Kennedy. “There seems to be so much hypocrisy in it all,” Palin observed.

The interview has drawn intense attention from cable and broadcast networks critical of the Alaskan Governor.However polling among conservative rank and file Republicans suggest they agree wholeheartedly with Palin’s assessment of the media, and the Alaska governor remains extremely popular as the GOP establishment attempts to thwart her efforts to assume titular leadership of the party.

If Governor Palin is able to emerge from the GOP civil war as the populist voice many Republicans have been waiting for since Ronald Regan left office, she will leave the rest of the pack far behind in the long road to the party nomination of 2012. And should a Palin loyalist win the chair of the RNC, the process of replacing establishment insiders in key positions with republicans who share her views begins in earnest.

The wild card in the in the battle for victory and perhaps the individual who will determine which faction prevails, in my opinion is Sir Rupert Murdoch, The media baron controls a vast empire and his influence could tilt the scale.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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