Sanna Bairo Sabally’s cradle of hypocritical-deviationary tactics.
        By A Staff Writer

Today history has proven to us once again that, the unthinkable can happen. The unthinkable this evening means seeing a lengthy poetic sermon of truth,mercy???? and responsibility from no one else but Sanna Bairo Sabally?

Today many Gambians are so sad again,because old wounds have been opened and twisted in their bleeding hearts. History is a vicious circus of irritating reminders. History and examination have been dubbed as being unfair because they are always here to bury truth and then water the plants of lies or desire. History’s own side of the tester is so long whereas exams are shorter.This does not mean history forgets. It does not forget where truth is validated by values. This does not also mean history is a reliable partner either because it erases value and truth where desirous hearts converge to make names for those they blindly adore. Wise men once said..”Evil sees what evil does”
Sanna Bairo Sabally used paper,ink,keyboards and the crude feelings of opportunism in today’s intellectualism. This is arrogance mixed with opportunism,geared towards sending acrid smoke into this huge national hall once again. Reading through Bairo’s lengthy philosophical sermon or his charred remains of wild dreams leaves so much to be desired.This in essence shows how many cancer worms there are within our midst. If evil men and women stay behind evil souls like Sanna Bairo Sabally for nothing less than a cross pollination of jealousy means we are being blindfolded by pseudo intellectuals  as a nation. Life is so precious to be hijacked by cosmetic masks. Life is more than giggling and whispering over bowls of domoda only to circulate vicious lies against one another for no reason.
If Sanna Bairo Sabally believes that he was framed and wrongly accused let him spare those who know him more than he knows himself.
Sanna Sabally asked Pa Nderry Mbai so many open-ended questions but he never answered the questions Pa Nderry asked him earlier on. Infact, to help Sanna understand in this very piece he will be surprised once again by the time everything ends.
Sanna Bairo Sabally’s wife is Barakatu Koli.She is from Kangkuntu Bwiam. Barakatu’s father’s brother is Boto Koli. Boto Koli used to work for the medical department at the medical central stores. This same Boto Koli was sent to Makka by President Jammeh. There is also one Ousman Koli who is Sanna’s wife’s uncle or a close relative of her father(name withheld for now). Ousman Koli who is Boto’s own brother is a watchman at Jammeh’s farm in Dobong Foni.
These are in-laws of Sanna Sabally living in The Gambia. They are already guilty by association. In order for us to give Sanna the benefit of the doubt lets further quiz our own minds. We can ask ourselves this. How on earth could Sanna’s wife Barakatu Koli have been able to stay in Sanna’s old residence for 9 years while he was in jail? Without being evicted by Jammeh? Isn’t that so queer? Sanna’s reference to the person of Dr Saja Taal as a good example in the field of journalism speaks volumes if not tons of volumes. By profession Saja is not a journalist. He Saja himself calls non journalists practicing the profession “Join-the-list”. Who the cap fits let him wear it. It fits Saja in this case.
Sanna has to remember the old English proverb. Think before you leap. Did Bairo think before leaping from the shores of cape verd with that lengthy trans-atlantic confusing ‘pasta’ of philosophy? Did he ever think about the repercussions he was stirring against his own being and his faithful wife or in-laws? Did he ever? His wife wants Sanna back to Banjul because she is nostalgic. This nostalgia is about the sirens,power and state dinners. Our paper has been informed that Sanna’s own in-laws are working so hard for him to reconcile with his former coup mate Yaya. Infact we still cannot understand how Hydara a mild and dossile soldier, who was a lesser threat to Yaya than Sanna died in Mile Two but Sanna lived through everything? How could Yaya eliminate Almamo Manneh and then set Sanna free after 9 years? Is Bairo truthful?
Immediately after the 1994 coup Sanna Bairo Sabally’s name rose like wild fire. His name rose not because he was caring,it rose because he excelled in killing,maiming and threatening the lives of our citizens.
Here comes a list of evil things Sanna did.
1/He disgraced and threatened the marabout of Gambi Sara.
2/He open fired on Dr Kora’s vehicle,brought the man out of his car slapped him and then disgraced him publicly. Dr Kora was rushing to the MRC to help save the life of a patient when he accidentally crossed the road while Bairo Mansa’s(his common name) was speeding pass the old national library area.
3/Sanna arrested senior officers like
Captain Momat Cham,Samsudeen Sarr,Ndure Cham,Ebrima Chongan,Sheriff Mbye,Alieu Ndure others and others and then dumped them at Mile two. He constantly dragged them on the floor while chains were around their ankles. He did so to make them subdue to his new authoritative styles.
4/Sanna used to conduct real and mock executions in and out of mile two every evening.
5/Sanna is being asked if he has forgotten the sergeant he slapped at mile two during the first round of arrests?
6/Sanna wanted former President Jawara killed.
7/Sanna wanted BB Darboe captured and killed during the november 11th so-called coup d’etat.
8/Sanna appointed his own aunt as state minister.She remained in power until he was disgraced.
9/Sanna harassed and sent the late Imam Ratib of Banjul Alhaji Abdoulie Jobe out of the state house premises because the man asked them the then military council to be lenient towards captives like Pa Cham of ports.
Each of these questions could have given answers to those who asked why Sanna was suffering for 9 good years in Mile two.
Reading through the sermons of Sanna Sabally where he is concealing his real character, it leaves nothing else but nauseating feelings in one’s heart.Sanna Sabally started as a womaniser well before the AFPRC junta came to being.
Sanna knows very well about his former girl friend at Nasir Ahmadiya High School in Basse in the ealry nineties. Yes Sanna is a strong womaniser. He has been one before coming into the state house as a vice chairman of a military junta and is still one. How about his special lady in Stockolm Sweden? He knows who we are talking about here.
When desperate people adore religion after having committed unforgivable sins they tend to think that they own the faith itself. There is an English Proverb…”It is just too good to be true” Sanna’s new found preacher-position is “just too good to be true”. How can the Roman soldiers who persecuted Jesus make any one believe that they did it in the name of Christianity? This is what Sanna Sabally is trying to tell Gambians today. He was jailed for different reasons. Sanna suffered because he built the base of evil plans for himself. Prisoners like Sanna are an insult to real freedom fighters.
Sanna this paper does not need spider holes to make its web.Ours is a www(world wide web).No need to explain what diamonds worth when charcoal is put on the table.
Sanna if this paper where to reveal all it knows about you your stay in Dakar would have been steaming beyond control.
Sanna lets give you a hint today.
Sanna Sabally has to understand one thing. That is to say,Gambians are forgiving but will never allow him come back like a lion before them anymore. With all his noise there are Gambians who know where his twin brother Sainy Sabally lives in the UK. These peaceful Gambians have decided to leave Sainey alone despite the evil things their loved ones experienced under his brother’s ruthless days as a former Vice Head of State. Sainey Sabally presently lives in Forest Gate area on Romford Road in London. Does Sanna want more from us here? Sanna Sabally has to be mindful of being used by hate-mongers abroad. His own legacy does not qualify him to be attacking people any more. He has so much dirty stuff on his plate that he needs to shut up and do his own thing.
Sanna Sabally is not receiving good advises from his friends and loved ones home and abroad. Has Sanna not seen Hissen Habre’s situation?  The same fate awaits people like him. There is a Gambian lawyer or barrister Sanusi Owens who will not hesitate prosecuting Sanna free of charge. There are other Gambians who have already started raising funds to try people like Sanna in the future. He maybe mistaking. He should not stir fights towards him at all.
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