This week on the program Mannie Barling and Simon Barrett are once again to take a look at the hot stories in the news and add a legal twist. Joining us this week are John Perry, owner of well known security company to the rich and famous Sunset Protective Services and author. social activist and barkeep Sam Moffie.

On this weeks menu is the scathing Penn State report written by ex FBI Director Lois Freeh. It is fair to say that Freeh took no prisoners and essentially condemned everyone from the board of trustees down for the handling of the Sandusky scandal. At 267 pages long I doubt that many people have actually read it cover to cover, relying instead on the ‘sound bites’ from TV newscasts. It is worth reading, and it opens all sorts of liability issues for Penn State.

Our second dish will be a look at the upcoming November elections. Most polls show Obama and Romney in a virtual dead heat. This means that every vote counts, but it also likely means that with no clear winner Congress will enter another four years of total stagnation.

This week was an interesting one on the campaign trail, a week that I would say was won by Obama. Although ‘won’ may be too strong a word, it might be better to say that it was a week lost by Romney. His excursion to the NAACP could hardly be viewed as a roaring success, then getting ripped to shreds by CNN’s Jim Acosta did not help matters at all. His Tax returns and industry record are most definitely a BAIN in his butt!

I do hope that you will join us on Sunday at 1pm pacific, 4pm eastern for what is sure to be a heated debate. To listen live please use this link.

If you missed last weeks program on these subjects you can listen to it here.

Simon Barrett

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