Tracy, California- There has been an arrest made in the kidnapping/murder of Sandra Cantu the girl from Tracy, California that disappeared from the trailer park she lived in with her family. The arrest is a shock to everyone who has been following this story. Melissa Huckaby the granddaughter of the Pastor Lane Lawless was the one arrested.

Melissa is the one who claimed someone had stolen her Eddie Bauer suitcase from her driveway. She said that she found a note with the words “suitcase, water”. Also the street near the irrigation pool where she was found. Melissa was arrested at 11:55 am Friday after she came in for a interview with investigators. She was booked at 3:25 am Saturday, she is being held on no bail. Melissa gave enough information to prompt investigators to arrest her on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. Melissa was said to be relaxed at first then she got real emotional then resigned at what was going on.

There is no motive as to what caused Melissa to murder Sandra and there is not a cause of death yet to be reported on. Melissa is set to be arraigned on Tuesday. The arrest was the focal point of the investigation that kept the town of Tracy, California in grips since Sandra disappeared.

Investigators worked tirelessly on the disappearance of Sandra which recently turned into a murder/kidnapping investigation due to the discovery of her body at the bottom of an irrigation pool stuffed inside a suitcase. Investigators worked swiftly and valiantly to find out exactly what happened and who did this to Sandra. They need to be commended. There has been speculation of trouble between Sandra’s mother and Melissa but as of now thats just speculation. I don’t have the first clue as to why this woman a mother of a five year old a Sunday School teacher would want to harm such a wonderful child. It leaves me absolutely speechless. Where I come from a woman of the church reads bible stories, stewards kids to love the Lord and fill there hearts with peace. This woman is obviously not right in the head. She needs to be brought to stand tall for the crime she committed against Sandra.

It has been reported that Sandra may have been dead  before she was even reported missing by her mother. Its all so extremely sickening to me. I for one will not let my children off on there own. Ever, I live in a trailer park. These cases keeps my children attached to my hip even more then they ever were. I cant imagine what was going through that womans head when she carried out this horrible macabre evil deed. She is mentally not right. She is a sick and demented  person. A woman of the church who taught children every Sunday. Even when a motive is released I for one will never be able to wrap my head around why she did this to Sandra. I hope she is fully punished for her crime against this child. Right from wrong. She has that knowledge.

Sandra may you rest in peace forever in the Lords loving arms. The person who took your life’s breath was not who she seemed to be. Sandra’s mother loved her daughter. Her screams of terror proved that to me. The screams that I hope and pray I never have to let out myself. The town of Tracy has taken a deep hard blow by the hands of an unGodly woman. There isn’t enough words I can say to express the way I feel towards her and this act of murder she committed against such a beautiful child. Sandra you are forever in my heart.


Melissa Huckaby has been charged with

187 – Murder
187A – Murder with malice aforethought

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