203332.jpgTracy, California-  Sandra Cantu was the beautiful, bright girl who disappeared on March 27th from the trailer park she lived in with her family. She was never seen again not until investigators got a horrible nightmarish phone call that a black suitcase had been discovered at the bottom of an irrigation pool on some farm land. No one knew at the time what was held inside that suitcase. Everyones hearts raced in anticipation, anxiety and fear at what was inside that case.

Investigators methodically combed the scene for evidence and details. It took them at least four hours to investigate the suitcase itself, opening it, investigating its contents. The nation stood still for those long agonizing hours. Time literally stopped for the town and surrounding areas of Tracy, California. Later that evening around 8 pm investigators called a news conference to discuss the suitcase and the secrets it held. Unfortunately the suitcases contents were that of little Sandra Cantu.

Her lifeless body so brutally enclosed inside sealed off from preying eyes. She was dead. The officer that had to make the heart wrenching phone call to inform her mother of the sickening news said and I quote  “I heard screams that I’d never heard come out of human beings before, primal screams of love and fear like the worst horror movie you could ever watch.” Primal screams of a mother who lost her precious little girl to a monster. To a sick, sick person. Who had no right what so ever to carry out the horror that little Sandra Cantu was exposed to.

She was last seen on video tape from a camera on her mothers trailer. The last image of her walking in the sun like most children. Not a care in the world. Absolutely no clue what macabre and evil that was going to befall her. Sickening. It makes my stomach turn in knots at the thought of what happened to Sandra. I  fill with horror and grief for my own children. Call me emotional, call me what you will but I can hear her mother scream at the news of her daughter dead in a suitcase at the bottom of a irrigation pool. Its sickening to me. Its a pain inside I pray to never have to experience. I feel for the person who had to make that painful phone call having to hear the sounds of pure raw emotion. The purest form of love and emotion combined with fear and rage. I am at a loss just thinking about it.

Poor Sandra Cantu. Snuffed out before her life even began. She loved Hanna Montana, gardening, cooking, and she loved to sing. She had beautiful hair and eyes. Its reported that she was a very friendly out going happy girl with lots of friends. The town of Tracy has lost one of its future. A bright future dimmed for eternity on our earth. There was a letter from Sandra to her killer that she forgives him now and that someday he will be judged for his acts. Sandra is a better person then I even in death. I for one will never forgive the person who did this to her. I will never ever accept this crime with forgiveness. Sandra was a bright star shining in all those she came in contact with. God bless Sandra Cantu and her family and the town that has lost such a adorable sweet charming little girl.

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