Tracy, California- A judge in the Sandra Cantu murder case has ordered a seal of the autopsy/toxicology report due to concerns over a public outrage. Like it wasn’t enough the facts already involved in this case. Now we have sealed evidence of the cause and manner of death due to a concern over public outrage? I wonder if they spared Sandra’s poor mother from the contents of the reports. What was so horrendous about the reports that would warrant a public outrage? Are they just doing this to save the community and the nation heartache? Or is it terrible news?

Melissa Huckaby stands charged with murder with special circumstances of rape with a foreign object, lewd and lavicous acts against a minor under fourteen and murder during the course of kidnapping. Investigators have stated that they believe Huckaby worked alone that there is no other suspects. It was reported that Huckaby swallowed three utility knife blades soon after investigators questioned her regarding Sandra. She was reported to of had to go to the hospital for internal bleeding. It has also been reported that Huckaby said that Sandra’s death was an  accident. At her arraignment she didnt enter a plea. She sobbed during that court appearance. Her defense wanted to have the body of Sandra exhumed a mere day or so after she was drawn by horse and carraige to her bodies final resting place. Just a day or so after. It was reported that they changed their minds due to the forensic tissue and evidence preserved by investigators. The only people who have come forward to defend Melissa is her family and ex husband. Well all that I have read or seen anyhow. Huckaby is a mother she was a Sunday school teacher.

There is another situation revolving around Huckaby that may cause some trouble for her. There is a family accusing her of taking there daughter to the “park” and returning her four hours later in a drug like state. The parents took there child to the emergency room for immediate care. Doctors uncovered the child had been drugged with a muscle relaxer. Doctors said it could cause black outs. Was this reported? It’s been said that investigators are going to link this to Sandra’s murder. They have asked the public of Tracy if any child has had inappropriate contact with Huckaby. Melissa Huckaby is a child predator. If  I am wrong and she is covering for someone I will admit it. I dont think she is. Besides school teachers bedding down with teenagers this is the first female child predator I have heard of in my lifetime. I plan on following Huckaby through her arrest, trial, and conviction. For Sandra, for all the children for everyone to see that what a monster she is and that it is out there. This is the tip of the iceberg. We have been introduced to the new form of child predator. I will not candy coat this or blow merry sunshine for no one. I dont believe that Sandra or this child are just coincidences. Huckaby is where she needs to be behind bars. Away from innocent, naive, care free children. All of our children are safer with her locked behind bars. Alongside Shasta and Dylan Groene’s predator and all those other sick whack jobs who invade the privacy of our children. I for one am elated to see her off the streets. I will also be more then happy to report on her conviction and sentence.

To me it’s the most akward event since my existance or what I can remember of it anyhow. Melissa Huckaby is one of the most monsterous people I have ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. What she has done to the girl she drugged, and to Sandra and only God knows how many others she has victimized is unacceptable. I want to fully see her punished for her atrocities and vulgerness where our children are concerned. I will keep up to date on her journey through California’s legal system. Its interesting to say the least. How or why a mother could do that to another living being. Especially a child. A young child, one who was so free and full of life. Not just one child, it may not be the same circumstances as death, never the less what she did to the other girl is a pattern of abuse. I saw Huckaby’s mug shot her eyes say it all. You’d have to be blind not to see it. Please stay with me as we journey through the trial of Sandra Cantu’s murderer. After its all said and done and we’re good and dirty, we can wash ourselves clean of her filth and go on about our days free as daffodils. Huckaby, she will be long and forgotten to live a horrible meager existance inside a federal state prison. She may be forgotten But Sandra never will. God bless little Miss Sandra Cantu and her family all that were blessed by her presence God bless you all.

Please read and sign this petition to create tougher laws and sentences for child predators. Thank you for your voice!

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