Tracy, California- I have found a news report from Sacramento that sends shivers up my spine. Due to the gag order in this case the source of this report could not go into detail regarding the report. The source said that during the investigation of trailers in the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park while Sandra Cantu was still missing that some of the residents in the trailer park had child pornography in their homes. It was not reported specifically what residents had the pornography. It didn’t go into much detail only saying that while searching for Sandra they found child pornography in some of the residents. They called it a “Challenging Environment”.  Being under a gag order prevents the source from disclosing if it is in anyway connected to Sandra’s murder.

Sandra was abducted, raped and murdered by Melissa Huckaby on March 27, 2009. Sandra was reported missing at dark that night when she didn’t return home. Law enforcement officials and the FBI worked tirelessly around the clock searching for Sandra. On April 6, 2009 a farm worker Jose Luis-Franco drained an irrigation pool on the farm he works at and made the grim discovery of a black suitcase at the bottom of the pool. No one knew at the time the contents of the case, knowing to call police if anything suspicious occurred Jose called the authorities immediately. It was later discovered that night that the contents of the case were that of Sandra Cantu murdered, packaged and tossed to the bottom of the irrigation pool. It took investigators four days to make an arrest in her murder. It was a shock to the world that the person accused of the horrid crime against Sandra was a woman. What was beginning to look like a nightmare had turned into reality of horror and unbelievable events that befell Sandra that day. Huckaby did awful things to Sandra, she violated her in ways unimaginable to anyone. Sandra was treated very badly by Huckaby. There is no excuse or acceptance for what she had to endure before she died. The only acceptance is that a predator is off the streets

Its being reported also that Huckaby may face the death penalty if convicted. I have my opinions on that I will save for a date closer to sentencing. Oh what webs we weave. Child pornography found in multiple residences at the trailer park where Sandra lived. It is spinning into an interesting story the murder of this child. Whether or not its connected its disgusting to say the least. I have not ever once desired to view anything of that nature. To me its not even an option, its not happening. What excuse do you give an investigator who finds that in your home. Oh it was mailed to me by accident, I would love to know how many residents were found to have that in there homes. Makes you wonder don’t it, child pornography in some of the residents homes. I can’t get over it myself who does that and why. I mean if they told us that Huckaby had a dresser chock full of it I wouldn’t be much surprised at it. But for them to say that there was found to be that in some of the residents floors me.

I don’t understand all of this, it is yet to be seen if it has anything to do with Sandra’s murder if there is a connection it will come out eventually. I hope that Sandra’s mother is doing well with Mothers Day just passing. She is in my prayers Sandra’s family is always in my prayers. If this is true and there is child pornography in the homes of the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park I hope that law enforcement in the town of Tracy use the full extent of the law to rid the town of that filth. I hope that the children of Tracy can over come the darkness that has suddenly engulfed there town. The children are what matters here making them safe and free from preying eyes.

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