Sandra Cantu’s murderer Melissa Huckaby is being sought out for investigation of suspicion of arson at a home she used to reside in. Investigators are putting off their investigation until after her murder trial. That’s some heavy hitters to have on a criminal record. Standing for murder and rape and then shortly after that two counts of arson. Huckaby is up against some pretty tough charges. Investigators have said she is the only suspect in Sandra’s death. She has stated to them that Sandra’s death was an accident but now arson on top of all the other charges, including the possibility of more charges being tied to the murder case, and another child being drugged while in her care. I am curious about Huckaby, I wonder about her what made her this way. What other things is she keeping secret? Interesting to me.   

I thought that she was a first for female sexual predators, I was mistaken. I read about a Washington state woman who raped a ten year old boy. There aren’t even words that come to mind for that one. For real a ten year old boy? Come on now give me a break. Not only is that disgusting and wrong in every way. I don’t know how the anatomy of a ten year old boy could get a grown woman off. To me its unbelievable I was sheltered though as a child. My grandfather was the man in my life for most of it he kept that type of thing away from me. I grew up thinking the world was one way when in fact it’s not the way I was raised to think it was. Huckaby and this other woman in Washington State are demented woman. I am truly for the first time in a long time speechless. A ten year old boy, a eight year old girl.

I believe sexual predators all need to be tossed naked into the Bering Sea with no survival suits or Coast Guard to help them. To me they are a waste of our money to house and feed. Why should we, they choose to abuse our kids, they choose to violate their trust and innocence. Why waste the time and effort it takes to keep them alive to re-offend. Most states and governments have them do time then release them forcing them to sign up as sexual offenders and sexual predators then out they go to us on the streets to live amongst us and our children. Ok makes a lot of sense to me. Not really why even let them back out. They will re-offend I’m sure there is the slim statistic of those who don’t re-offend but what is the statistic for those that do? How is catch and release keeping our kids safe? It doesn’t it never will. Sexual predators are like domesticated lions. They can and will turn at any given moment in their life it’s their nature. Even a Wolf dog can snap nice and friendly domesticated to a point then they snap. Sexual predators are the same they can go for months and years no urge then they see the one that has to be theirs and they take it. The revolving door has been used once again. Abuse doesn’t end just because a doctor deems a person suitable for society.

Its a gross misuse of judgment to “rehabilitate and release” catch and release. Let them go they’ll be fine but for how long? There is no definite answer to that question. They could never truly answer it not for sure. Only us as parents can keep watch. No one else will when is it going to be enough that we end the war against our children? What more do we have to sit back and take for us to stand up and create tougher laws that seek harder punishments for sex offenders where our children are concerned? Please we need to open our eyes see the great epiphany that is our children’s future. It isn’t just the kids the media plays on for ratings. There are thousand upon thousands of sexual predators abusing children all over this earth. It’s not just a American or Canadian or Australian problem its a global problem. This is terrorism against our children. They are being subjected to acts of terror at the hands of these predators.

Melissa Huckaby is a predator. Not only is she a sexual predator she is also a murderer. She is under suspicion of drugging another child with a muscle relaxer, also under suspicion for arson. If she is hiding this for someone she needs to wake up and smell the roses and confess. If that’s the case, Huckaby to me is a predator only hiding something for herself. She is her only accomplice. I know right to a fair trial. Presumed innocent until proven guilty. I hear you it don’t change me not one bit. I was given the ability of thought and judgment in this life. To know right from wrong and to be able to discern just that keep the rights in my life toss the wrong out. I was raised like that, to judge for yourself, what’s right and wrong. Instincts tell us when we look at someone yay or nay. Huckaby like the rest of the garbage that pollutes and infests this earth is a nay. Like I said there is no merry sunshine or candy coating in this type of situation. You either are or your not. Sit on that fence of uncertainty as long as you need. I wont do it fair trial or not, guilty is guilty. Huckaby’s next court date for her arraignment is set for May 22, 2009. She was too upset to compose herself properly for her original arraignment so they postponed it. She declined to enter a plea that day. God bless Sandra Cantu and her family.

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