California- Seems Sandra Cantu’s murderer Melissa Huckaby is in some more trouble regarding the little girl she is suspected of poisoning back in January and now an adult male. It has been reported she poisoned an adult male back in March. What? So we have now murder, rape, lewd and lavicious acts, suspicion of arson and also suspicion of poisoning another child and an adult male. My goodness it just seems to keep coming for Huckaby doesn’t it? Amazed I am amazed at this woman and her life choices. I mean arson and well arson is the minor out of them all. She has a lot to face in her way through the California justice system, Huckaby has many demons that are going to be revealed during her time in our eye. 

It brings a tear to mine to think that to reveal this monster Little Miss Sandra Cantu had to pay with her precious life, Sandra was amazing so bright and beautiful I love Sandra can’t help it she is one of my own. Huckaby is a monster, she is a predator anyone free of their own self is her prey. She doesn’t sound like she cares if it is a child or adult who she violates. I am not sure of what happened to the man she poisoned I can only imagine though. Huckaby to me is a challenge how a mother can do such things to a child, how can a woman do that to a man. I am old fashioned I guess. I’m hypnotized by her and her story, the reasons behind her actions what makes her up inside. How is she different from us, besides the obvious what is it that caused her to glitch. It’s all so interesting to me, her past her present it don’t matter all of it when did this begin? There has to be more, Melissa Huckaby is a trove of secrets I’m sure we are just seeing the tip of what lies beneath.

This new charge of the girl in January that I have previously reported on and now a man in March, Daniel Plowman is his name. Investigators said that Huckaby used a “harmful substance” to drug both the victims. I had reported previously that the girl was drugged with a muscle relaxer that the doctor who examined her at the ER told her parents that it could cause black outs. Law enforcement has stated they don’t yet have enough evidence for the man who was drugged.  It’s really too bad that she feels the need to violate a human being in such a manner, to give them a drug to render them useless and have her way with them. It’s disgusting and unacceptable, it’s a violation to ones rights to live free to be safe. Even an adult male was not safe from her reach, I wouldn’t doubt that there is more to this then we know. I wonder if any of it will make it to light. Sends shivers up my spine to even fathom what she is hiding, why talk if no one knows, is the way I see it. My goodness gracious, Melissa is a work, that’s for sure. Mysterious, frightening if you ask me, poisoned a grown man? A child murdered and raped? For petes sakes is that enough?  I have a feeling it’s not, there’s most likely more.

I have to shake my head at it, we are going to get good and dirty in Huckaby. What does that lady think? How could she do this to another soul? Go crush a spider if you need to feel power learn to hunt ,shoot a deer, gut it, skin it, hang it, butcher it, that’s power as a human to fend for yourself to feed your own family. Learn to fish, that’s power for a human not to drug and violate. Confusion over ones self power destroys life. We are not meant to act like that, no limits creates monsters when there is a lack of empathy there is a lack of respect for life for ones right to be free of harm from predators, they don’t have the right to prey on us, on our children. It is a gross misuse of self power. Huckaby is not right, I am at a total loss for what she could be thinking, who does this? What mother acts in such a way?

There is also word that the father of her daughter is seeking legal custody of their child together. It has been reported that soon Huckaby will be in court fighting for custody, also that the father has hardly been in the child’s life. Huckaby has many trials to attend to. She is suspected of some of the most horrendous crimes I have seen a woman stand for in my lifetime. Huckaby was arraigned today she entered no plea and has another court appearance scheduled for June 12th, her attorney requested more time to go over discovery evidence and evidence regarding the silver Cadillac and evidence taken from a home computer. There are over a thousand pages of discovery to go through. It leaves such a pain in my heart this whole thing, poor Sandra taken so soon in life just after her birthday, her mother to live with the pain forever with the details of her death in her heart it must be excruciating to bare. 

I see Huckaby at her original arraignment and I see her cry I wonder why now why not before she killed Sandra? Why not have a shred of care, emotion or empathy then when she was doing what she done to Sandra? Why not before the act of drugging anyone or the act of murder? It is mind boggling to say the least, no plea entered wonder what that is for? Maybe to strike a deal, wonder what kind of deal she could get, admit the crime spare your life type thing? As long as she is put away in a deep dark prison who cares? Not me, maybe she will give me an interview someday after her imprisonment? I would love to sit on the phone and talk to Melissa, not because I pity her or want to make a new friend, but because I am a mother first and for most I put nothing before my children nothing.
I could never harm a child or drug them as she has, she is well interesting to me. How? Why? Don’t you have respect for humanity for a life, ones soul, our lamplight it isn’t there to be preyed upon and violated, it is  our  right to be free to live to walk amongst creation without any worry about who is watching us. It shouldn’t matter who is out there watching us it never should matter, oh but it does and it always will as long as people believe they have the right to push their desires onto us. It’s a sick display of power confusing ones self rights amongst humanity. Keep out of my space in other words stay away from me and my kids shoot stay away from everyone, no one has the right to do what Huckaby has done to others. It is appalling to me that she feels she has that right. Interesting, I have to know.

Huckaby has her next court appearance on June 12th. God bless Sandra Cantu’s family, with Mother’s Day just passing I hope that her mother and aunts and grandmothers and sisters were all able to hold up in light of their loss. It would have been hard for me. Please read and sign this petition it was created the day after Sandra was found it was created by love, fear and hope for a better future for our kids it needs a lot of signatures and even though children will be violated before it is passed, someday it will pass and then predators will really have to fear what is coming to them when they sexually assault our children. Be the voice your children don’t yet have the instincts to use. Stand up for them they need YOU.

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