Trace, California- There is report of a very unacceptable, vile, disgusting thing on Melissa Huckaby’s computer. It is morbid  is what I have been saying all along she is a monster, this woman is a predator among man kind. Thank the Good Lord she is stuffed in a cage for the rest of her life. I knew she was an animal I said, Huckaby is a inhuman monster. They found internet searches on her hard drive of her computer that were about a murdered four year old in Israel, Rose Pisam was the girls name. She went missing and a year later her grandfather was arrested and confessed to killing her and stuffing her into a suitcase and throwing it into a river. There was multiple searches on her computer for that story.

I knew it, she is a predator, premeditated murderer, she knew what she wanted to do before she did it. Its a disgusting choice in ones life to be carried out. I am enraged with hate and anger for her. Little Miss Sandra Cantu paid her life so this woman this monster could be put away. Maybe a random act would ease the pain but no she looked for her plan she made out a blueprint. She knew what she was going to do to Sandra she knew it. There is emotions in me I have never experienced before. Never not in my life, I want horrible things to befall Huckaby.

Sandra is way more precious then anything Huckaby could ever wish to be worth. Huckaby took from this earth an angel a sweet precious life that deserved to live more then Huckaby deserves to survive in a waste of non existence. Huckaby is a souless person with no regard for life itself. She has no regard for anything besides her own sick perverse desires. Desires that only a maniac could lust for. Its perverse and vile to me to even imagine what could cause her to hunt that down on her computer. She makes me sick to my stomach that woman, it doesn’t lead me astray though I still have to know why? What is it about her that caused this vulgar display of power? Investigators say there are similarities to Sandra’s means of disposal and Rose’s. Sandra was murdered and stuffed inside of that black case and thrown to the bottom of an irrigation pool, Rose was murdered and stuffed in a case thrown into a river. She was hunting for her means of disposal Sandra was her prey. So sick and horrible this woman is, you can see it in her eyes.

There needs to be laws implemented against these monsters who seek to harm our children, they believe they have the right to what is ours. My kids are mine stay the heck back, no one has the right to violate or intrude on their personal space. Teach our kids now while there is hope, educate them in safety and awareness, steward them in instinct and knowledge of their surroundings. Our children depend on us for skills in how to dicern right from wrong, good from evil. Instill in them the instincts in you that are mature and formed they need that. Children are our greatest resource, they are are future, they are our hope for a better future, they are going to be our caretakers some day, without children our world would cease to exist. They too shall grow and populate back what we leave behind generations to come. There is so much to this we don’t know like I have said before this is the tip to what lies beneath with Huckaby, she is a trove of secrets hidden deep within. Amazed am I, yes I am stunned I always knew she wasn’t right, maybe this was a one time thing a glitch in her mainframe? She planned this, she sought this method out. I don’t doubt that, I never did I surely don’t now.

Huckaby is going to stand for some terrible  reasons in our eye the state of California have quite the defendent on there hands. I can only imagine the horror that Sandra’s mother has to live with knowing the details of her daughters death. Everyday living it in her own tortured mind knowing what happened, knowing she couldn’t protect her, wondering how someone she thought she could trust do such a macabre deed to her daughter. I don’t want to be inside Sandra’s mothers mind to me it would be a prison of torture for my lack of ability to keep my child safe from that predator. She must miss Sandra awfully bad I can’t ever imagine having to bare that burden in my heart that Sandra’s mom has to live with for the rest of her life.

Melissa Huckaby entered no plea at her arraignment on May 22, 09 she is scheduled to be back in court on June 12, 09. Her attorney needed more time to go over the discovery released there are over a thousand pages of discovery to be reviewed, also her attorney needs time to review evidence regarding the silver Cadillac and the home computer of Huckaby. Its disgusting, it isn’t right not by a long shot. I am going to enjoy my time with Huckaby I’m sure I will be shocked time and time again by her and what is revealed about her. I know now why Sandra’s mother can’t be in attendance at Huckaby’s court date, I couldn’t do it myself. Not without a gun in my purse, dang metal detectors. Sandra’s mother has to live an unspeakable terror locked inside not just her mind but in her soul, deep within her every fiber and ounce of her heart has to bare what no mother should ever have to endure.

There was a time when these predators didn’t exist I never heard of child predators when I was a kid not once we never worried about that kind of stuff. The only thing we was taught was stranger danger, that’s it all my folks taught me. Don’t talk to strangers, it goes way beyond that now a days. It goes to not even looking at anyone ever no eye contact nothing. Dylan and Shasta Groene’s abductor/rapist/murderer walked past there house and spoke to the children while they played in there yard, Joseph Edward Duncan the third is his name he is on Idaho death row as we speak, he says Dylan use to talk about guns and Shasta about stickers. He took them kids and did horrible unimaginable things to them, he ended up killing Dylan and burning his body and continuing the terror on Shasta. He was caught and Shasta was saved.

Our children need to understand and learn that even a familiar face can be a danger. Do not take your child’s safety in disregard, hold it high on your list of importance it could save there life. God bless Sandra Cantu and her family, God bless her mother.

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