Clarkston, Washington- FBI  searched the First Church of God in Clarkston, Washington. It is a church that Melissa Huckaby’s grandfather Pastor Lane Lawless use to work. There isn’t much detail regarding the search or what prompted it. It is only reported to be connected to Sandra’s murder. It also states that Pastor Lawless has been questioned in the past regarding some allegations that surfaced in the 1980’s. The report is very vague only saying that they are looking into reports of child abuse that may have gone on at that church. Pastor Lawless was questioned about it, no charges were filed. The pastor of the church now went on to say that whatever it was that happened in the 1980’s  has deep emotions about that incident and no one ever mentions it.

I wonder what it is that happened and who it happened to? Deep emotions that no one ever mentions. Sounds harsh to me, sad, scarred and traumatized. I do hope whatever it is the person or persons are better now. What about that incident links to Sandra’s murder. Is it more child molestations? How could it be connected to Sandra’s murder? I am riddled with anticipation to hear how this connects. Is it involving Huckaby or one of her relatives? It’s unimaginable at this point what other evil deeds could of gone on back then in regards to Huckaby. I wonder was she a member of the church in Washington? She would have been a lot younger then so I dont imagine its her they are questioning. Church’s and child sex abuse. The Lawless family questioned in both cases.

Sandra’s death has created a safety awareness in the town of Tracy, parents are fully aware of dangers that may lurk where it appears safe. It has been reported that the town is stewarding there children in knowledge and safety due to the unfortunate murder of Sandra. It’s to bad that Sandra had to give her life to open a towns eyes to the sinister danger that was preying on there children.  Would Sandra be happy to know that in her death she is helping to better safe guard and educate her friends? Was her life worth that? Did it really have to take the murder of a beautiful harmless adorable child to motivate the parents of Tracy California. It gives a terrible sick feeling inside me to think that a child’s murder is what opened their eyes. I can only hope they never shut their eyes to the possiblity of the unknown dangers again. I raise my children each and everyday to understand stranger danger to utilize their minds to program them that their personal space is their own and no one can be in their personal space. They know that perverts want to hurt them and touch their privacy parts. They are fully aware that people want to touch them and possibly kill them, I save no details with this when speaking to my children.

I always have since dang near day one of their lives. I hope that the children of Tracy can grow and over come this tragedy that befell their precious friend. I hope they all absorb what they are being taught regarding safety and the people who are out to harm them. I hope the parents of Tracy never stop leading there children to create a safer town for not just them but their futures future.

Sandra was an amazing girl. Full of life and love. A singer, a cook, a gardener, Hannah Montana’s number one fan. All gone to soon, I’ve always had a way of thinking that some people are just to good for this earth. I don’t anymore I’d rather have Sandra here with her family. Though on the other hand if that were to be, would Huckaby still be out there under the radar preying, stalking, victimizing? I suppose Huckaby is off the streets now Sandra gone forever her life’s breath taken from her. Watching us all, stewarding us all in safety stranger danger, acquaintance danger, family danger, man danger, woman danger. All equally dangerous.

There is so much to this story that I don’t think we have even began to unravel. I think Huckaby and her morbid tale are going to keep me very busy around here. Sandra I look into her eyes and see so much its to bad that her life was what took a predator off the streets. Truly a sad situation, Huckaby has a long rocky road in front of her one that is destined to reveal more then she cares to remember herself I’m sure. I’m going to lace up my hiking boots and venture on behind her. I want to get to the bottom of this and climb out all dirty just to know why?

God bless you little Miss Sandra Cantu and God bless your family. I find it hard to end my articles on Sandra I just want to write and write about her I don’t know much but what I know is she is in my heart and I love her. She has been grafted into my family like the rest that I am fortunate enough to get to know. Its usually in there death none the less I love them. Please remember your children need you to steward them in safety, knowledge and awareness of all possible dangers.

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