Tracy, California- Everyone in the nation has been shocked and horrified at the turn of events leading up to the discovery of Sandra Cantu’s murderer.  I for one am still in shock from the news of the condition and details in which Sandra was found. Then to hear the person arrested and charged with her murder has further sent me into a state of complete lack of understading about what was being said regarding Sandra and her assailant.

Let me refresh memories quickly and painlessly as possible. Sandra Cantu was an eight year old girl who disappeared from the trailer park she lived in, in Tracy California. She went out to play and never came back. When she didn’t return by dark her mother called 911. Sandra disappeared on Friday March 27, 2009, she was found on Monday April 6, 2009. Sandra was found dead inside a piece of luggage at the bottom of an irrigation pool on some farm land. Investigators worked diligently and tirelessly around the clock to bring her assailant to justice. They found the person who murdered Sandra on Friday April 10, 2009 just before midnight. Her name is Melissa Huckaby the person who is accused of murdering Sandra. Melissa Huckaby is a mother, and a Sunday school teacher. On Tuesday April 14, 2009 Melissa Huckaby was charged with murder with special circumstances of rape with a foreign object, lewd and lavicous acts against a minor under fourteen and murder during the course of kidnapping. So not only is she standing accused of murder but also of rape? A mother, a Sunday school teacher, a woman? I can’t fathom it, to me its just a nightmare, this cant be so. Melissa Huckaby has family and an ex husband that are in shock at the horrifying charges brought against her. They say she couldn’t of done this, not her she is a gentle woman.

Well there is other news revolving around Melissa Huckaby. Seems there may be another child involved who was drugged while in her care. In January Melissa Huckaby says that she escorted a child to a park. The child came home hours later lathargic not acting normal. It permitted her mother to take her to the emergency room. Doctors found evidence she had been drugged with a strong muscle relaxer. It has been reported that the durg used on the child caused a black out. In the care of Melissa Huackaby? Why wasn’t this reported to the proper authorities? Was it reported? It has been reported that this case of the other girl being drugged while with Melissa Huckaby is going to be tied into the case involving Sandra’s murder. Wow, there is nothing that comes to my mind that even understands any of this. I absolutely can’t wrap my mind around what she has done not only to Sandra but to this other child. Are there others? I think that is a reasonable question to be asked. Are there any other children who have had inappropriate contact with Melissa Huckaby? I’d like to know. Has any other child been drugged by her? This is all hard to chew on, but we need answers. How could this woman do this to any child. Though we don’t want to believe or have to even entertain the thoughts in our own minds we need to know. Our kids are at risk not just by men or boys, they are also at risk by woman. Sick perverted woman.

Now thats alot to chew on. More then I care to myself but in the end I have to know. I have to know exactly what she did, if theres more victims. I have to know all the facts for my own peace of mind in safe gaurding my children so feverishly. I have always been a hovering mother. My children don’t leave my sight except for school. No other time, theses stories of children missing from trialer parks has made my obsession with there safety even worse due to us residing in a manufactured home trailer community. The news of Sandra’s murderer being a woman alone has turned my obsession for there safety into a burning pit inside me. Forever watching and wondering could that person hurt my kids. Call me crazy, call me emotional. I don’t care, when it comes to my children I don’t care. Its all so heart breaking to have to endure this. Not just Sandra’s macabre fate but the other child that has been suspected of having been drugged at the hands of Melissa Huckaby. The details of that yet to be released. Having to endure the idea that there may be more children out there hurt by this woman is enough for me to never let my kids go out again. More so I wonder about Melissa Huckaby’s own child at what she has been submitted to if anything.

The town of Tracy California won’t soon forget what happened in there quite little town. I live in Oregon just a state away and we will not soon forget either. I don’t think the nation will forget, nor the world, its not every day we hear of a woman raping and killing a child, or possibly drugging another. Though the truth of any other children being involved in this terror will be painful and hard to bare, we must know. It must come to light all the horrific details about Melissa Huckaby, Sandra may not of been the only child Melissa Huckaby chose to use a vulgar display of power over. Tears come to my eyes each and every time I think of Sandra and her fate at the hands of this dimented woman. My heart is heavy and my mind spent from the thoughts of Melissa Huckaby and her lack of moral standards for children and their personal privacy, there right to be free and happy without anyone taking advantage of there innocence and lack of knowledge of the evil preying on them. Melissa Huckaby is a child predator. Hard to imagine a woman preying on yours, mine, our children. They are out there she is proof of that. No longer do we live in a mans world where our childrens lack of safety is concerned. No longer is it so vague and transparent concerning those that want to sexually assault and murder our children. Its more confusing now, maybe thats a good thing though, as parents we need to step back and view everyone as a threat and a danger. Stranger danger, neighbor danger, acquaintance danger. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter any longer, there is a danger to our children. Our streets are no longer safe. Not for any child anywhere not only in America but all over the world. Where evil sick predators lurk  man or woman there is a danger. Please lock your doors and watch everyone that you just don’t truly know that well or that you just truly don’t know if you can trust. Shoot even thoughs you may think you are able to trust. Sandra’s mother in her heart believed she could trust Melissa Huckaby around her child. She couldn’t predators are everywhere and on Friday April 10, 2009 we as a nation as a world found out that the typical predator was not what we have become accustom to. It is no longer what history has acclimated us to. It had changed forever. Don’t just blow it off as the world going to hell in a hand basket. Keep watch of all around your children. For there sake.

Please read and sign this petition to create tougher laws concering crimes sexual in nature where our children are concerned:

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