San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Announces Hearings into the SF Zoo Tiger Attack

To Mark the Announcement, 30 Quotes about the Tiger Attack from the Media and Internet 
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced that the city’s Recreaction and Parks Department Commission will conduct a series of public hearing on the deadly tiger attack that occurred at the SF Zoo on Christmas Day.

The hearings will begin Friday.

After the hearings, the commission will make a set of recommendations to improve the agreement that allows a nonprofit to run the public zoo, the mayor said. Newsom also directed zoo and city officials to convene an industry peer review team to examine operational and safety protocols, and the city’s emergency services department will add a seat on its disaster council for the zoo director.

To mark the SF Mayor’s announcement, DBKP has gathered quotes on the tiger attack, from around the Internet and media.

30 quotes on the San Francisco Tiger Attack.

“The hearings should include a review, analysis and any recommendations to improve the lease and management agreement that determines how the zoo runs.”
–Statement released by San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom’s office.

“When he mentioned that to management at the zoo, he was met with angry denials, that it was not dangerous, that there was no need for concern. He was especially concerned about the grotto walls.”
–Dan Bacon, attorney for Lloyd Kraal, who was a maintenance supervisor at the San Francisco Zoo. Kraal filed a lawsuit against the SF Zoo, in which he says the zoo retaliated against him for complaining about the grottos.

“The San Francisco Zoo is a great zoo, it’s an accredited AZA member in good standing, and it has our support during this difficult time.”
–Statement released by the non-profit Association of Zoos and Aquariums defending its zoo members’ self-policing policies. The AZA noted that the Christmas Day tiger attack is the only time in its 84-year history that an escaped zoo animal has killed a visitor.

“It was why we left. Their behavior was disturbing. They kept doing it.”
–Zoo patron Jennifer Miller reported that she, her husband and children saw four young men at the big cat grottos and that three of the men were teasing the lions. Ms. Miller said that she called the zoo to report the obvious “taunting–after the attack occurred.

“My son was a wonderful kid.”
–Marilza Sousa, the mother of a teenager mauled to death by an escaped tiger, who said she wants people to remember him for the way he lived, not for the frightful way he died.

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San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack: 30 Memorable Quotes 


San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack: 30 Memorable Quotes

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