by Gina Burgess

Homosexual activists took a blow today when the N.J. Supreme court tossed the marriage ball back into the legislators’ laps saying the New Jersey constitution allows for benefits to domestic live-ins in a “committed” relationship calling it “satisfying the equal protection” under the law.

Judge Stephen Skillman wrote the opinion stating that New Jersey’s marriage statutes do not contravene the substantive due process and equal protection guarantees of Articl 1, paragraph 1 of the state’s constitution.  He said that “only the legislature could authorize same sex marriages.”  Judge Anthony Parrilo concurred and added that it was the legislature’s role to weigh the benefits and costs flowing from a profound change in the meaning of marriage.”

Excuse me?

Here mankind goes, getting too big for his britches once again.  Who is man that he questions God?  Where was man when He created the earth and set its boundaries?  Can we command the morning and the evening?  Can we defy death?  Can we hold back the winter or cause summer to spring forth?  Can we step foot in Pleiades or swing on Orion’s sword?

As Job once answered God, “I am vile and I shall put my hand over my mouth.”  

Mankind has no rights when it comes to changing the meaning of marriage.  It is a God ordained institution and God provided the boundaries.  It is really too bad that men and women do not recognize the power and authority of God’s institutions.  

However, the fact that the justices recognized the limit of their authority and stayed within the boundary of interpreting the law rather than making law is a milestone that should be celebrated.  But that is only an interesting side note. 

The real bull here is that homosexuals are determined to air their dirty sheets in public.  I would much rather not be taken into their bedrooms and I would much rather this very, very minority part of citizenry would consider the fact that they truly are a minute part of society.  I pray that the sleeping majority will awaken and put the giant foot down on this.  Same sex marriage is not normal, is not a societal establishment and the pursuit of it is taking time and money away from more serious concerns like child abuse and drug abuse prevention.  That kind of slight-of-hand distraction is what gets this great country derailed.

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Gina Burgess is the editor of The Tensas Gazette and a redactor for internet marketing company.  She is a columnist for Live As and a site admin for  Visit her blog at Refreshment In Refuge.

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