Last summer my wife and I had the privilege of spending an evening with Sam Moore and his wife Joyce. We got to see not only Sam Moore put on an over 2 hour set, but also Blood Sweat And Tears, everyone remembers ‘Spinning wheel”

The circumstances of us being there were strange, a Sam Moore DVD had been bootlegged and I had innocently reviewed it. Once the Moore’s explained the situation, I took the review down. By a huge coincidence the Moore’s were doing a private gig in Calgary that weekend, and Jan and I were invited as their guests.

Jan was beside herself, “Sam Moore, you are kidding” she said to me. When I told her we were gong to meet Sam and Joyce she almost passed out! She has been a huge fan of Sam Moore for a gazillion years.

We were chatting with Joyce Moore after the concert, and she told us of a video, in fact gave us the video and made us swear that we would not ‘share it online’. We did not share it, we watched it, we loved it, but we did not share it. Billy Preston was a huge, although much ignored, or maybe swept under the rug musician. His contribution to the music world was huge. I never had the opportunity to talk with him, but if I had it would have been a great interview.

Well here we are months later, and I guess the Moore family has changed their mind, the wonderful video can new be viewed on Amazon. This video is the last known of Billy Preston, it is must see.

Billy Preston may have shuffled off this mortal coil. But he still has a big presence. Check out his Web Site.

Simon Barrett

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