In the time that I’ve spent working as a journalist, this is the strangest story that I’ve ever had to write about and I, admittedly, go out of my way to find very strange stories to report on. In this case, there is no way that anyone could make this story more sensational than it already is. The sub headline on the original article states it all: “If it was just a shooting, or a car wreck, or a guy hit by a car, or a window-smashing shoe salesman, or an escape from a closet, then it would just be an average story.”

The story took place in Greensboro, NC earlier this month when a door to door shoe salesman was working a neighborhood when he knocked on the door of an abandoned house. After knocking on the door, four men opened the door and drug him inside, locking him inside a closet. After the four men secured him in a closet, they went outside and tried to steal the salesman’s car. The salesman managed to kick his way out of the closet though and grabbed a lamp which he used to smash the window of his own car when the four men tried to drive away in it.

This caused the car to be backed into a tree prompting one of the men in the car to pull out a gun and fire at the salesman only to hit one of his accomplices instead. The wounded, but not dead, accomplice fled the scene and ran onto Highway 29 to seek help when he was hit by a car. Still wounded but not dead, the man managed to flag down a second car which picked him up and drove to a local grocery store where the driver called for help. After reviewing the facts and order of events that took place, the police have yet to decide who will be charged and what they will be charged with.

Shoe Salesman Knocks On Wrong Door, Sets Off Crazy Chain Of Events (WFMY)

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