Saipan Earthquake at 6:07AM Thurs 3-27-08

While sitting here at the computer I began to feel a moderately strong tremor. My fishing rods lean against the wall in my office/den/computer room and they began to sway and dance a bit. There was a rumbling noise. A deep, long period vibratory feeling, more than sound.

No damage, nothing broke an only minor light items fell off shelves etc so the quake was not a major one, here at least.  It registered 5.4 and was 60 odd miles deep and about a hundred miles from my village here on Saipan island.

There was no unusual animal activity or vocalizations before, during or after the quake as one sometimes hears about in anecdotal reports.

If you are not aware of the geography here in the Northern Marianas Islands we are close, very close, to the very deepest part of any ocean, the Marianas Trench.  This is where the Pacific plate slips under the Philippine plate and there is a fair amount of seismic activity.  Saipan is in fact a tiny mountaintop jutting above the sea atop a mountain far larger and far taller than Mt Everest.

Did you feel it where you are?

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