I remember watching the old western movies where the cattle men would chase down a cow and the cowboy holding it down and placing a hot iron onto it to brand it so it could be identified by the owner. This is what came to my mind the minute I ran across this story. I never heard of branding a live human being like this before. Could it be labeled as branding or mere lifetime punishment?

A Jacksonville, Florida man, who hasn’t been identified, went out for a beer but got a lot more than he bargained for by the time he got home that night. The 22 year old sailor drank his beer and then decided to leave when he spotted a woman that knew his wife. He headed back to his car. He claims he was checking his phone when suddenly everything went black.

He woke up later all groggy and felt a burning pain in his chest. He looked down at his shirt and saw it had blood all over it. When he lifted it he saw the letters ‘Wife Beater’ that apparently had been cut into him with a knife, probably scarring him for life. He went home without filing a complaint.

The victim had been arrested in March on a domestic battery charge against his wife. The woman he spotted in the bar was with his wife the night he had been arrested.

Monday morning his naval commander advised him to talk to the police about the incident. He told the police that he didn’t report this before then because he was afraid that it would be a violation for his probation.

Jan Barrett

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