According to McAfee, cyber crime is growing and as soon as the good guys (white hats) close one loophole, the bad guys (black hats) exploit another.

Unfortunately, technology grows faster than laws and security fixes. Criminals, who are becoming increasingly organized, realize and exploit this fact, frequently.

The report confirms predictions that exploiting VoIP and mobile devices will become more common.

Vishing will probably become more dangerous than phishing – it adds a more personal (voice) touch to tricking people into giving up their personal details. VoIP (cheap long distance) is one of the reasons for this. Since caller-id spoofing is easily available and legal, it makes sense that a lot of people are going to fall victim to vishing attacks.

Also covered is the growth in music and software privacy. Billions of dollars are being lost in both these areas – systems are now being sold with pirated software already installed on them.

To me, this shows how organized, the activity is becoming!

The report also covers RFID technology (quickly becoming commonplace) and how easily it can be exploited. Despite warnings from a lot of concerned experts, we seem to be implementing this technology at a foolish pace (my emphasis).

McAfee deserves recognition for having the courage (there is a lot of money behind RFID technology) to point out the dangers behind this highly profitable, but dangerous (my emphasis), technology.

Enough ranting for the moment, I highly recommend reading the full report, which can be viewed, here.

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