In an effort to combat or at least ignore the murderous tribal violence and chaos taking place in Kenya since the all too suspicious election results hastily declared in that country, German tourists are bravely or at least carelessly resisting warnings to travel there and vacationing as usual, pretty much like they do everywhere else in the world, oblivious to the political situation and the harsh conditions for the people in the countries they visit.

“Cuba and Zimbabwe were booked out again,” said one beer-soaked German tourist lounging on a beach chair somewhere near the German-speaking pool. “The flights to Burma (Myanmar) are still way too expensive – they want almost $300! And we’re tired of going to China every year. But as soon as North Korea opens up, we’re there dude.”

The horrific violence all around them has yet to bother the tourists as it is, well, all “around” them and not allowed to enter through the heavily-guarded tourist resort gates.

“But don’t get us wrong,” continued the African visitor. “We are perfectly aware that there are certain issues out there that Kenyan leaders must get a grip on. They cannot ignore the chaos around them any longer, no matter their personal ambitions and resentments. That’s our job. And don’t forget that we do all of this ignoring stuff while simultaneously pumping in tons of money to help them keep doing, uh, whatever the hell it is they do down here. Prost (cheers).”

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