Former leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was found guilty today along with two other men in their roles in the torture and deaths of 100 people from a small town north of Baghdad 24 years ago. He has been sentenced to die by hanging by the special tribunal who convicted him of crimes against humanity.

The former leader listened to the verdict in much the same way that he had been listening to the trial, refusing to stand when the sentence and conviction was read out until he was forced to his feet by guards at the order of Chief Judge Raouf Rasheed Abdel-Rahman. As soon as the sentence was read out, jubilant cries of celebration and celebratory gunfire rang out on the streets of Baghdad.

The verdict is not absolute however as the sentence is now automatically on it’s way to a nine judge appellate appeal panel for review. These nine judges will be able to review everything and call for any additional testimony that they deem is needed. They have unlimited time to rule and make their decision but once they make their decision, any sentence must be carried out within 30 days.

One can only hope that with this verdict passed down, the region of the Middle East that is torn with violence can start to mend and use this as their catharsis towards this.

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