Woke up this morn to some good news. Saddam Hussein was hanged before dawn yesterday for crimes against humanity.

The headline, “Switzerland frowns at Saddam’s execution” did not surprise me.

Swiss foreign ministry stated, “For Switzerland the death penalty cannot be justified, even for the most serious of crimes. This fundamental position also applies for the case of Saddam Hussein,”

End quote

How sweet. Just like their chocolate…


Some other quotes I’ve found follow. (Italics mine)

“We took him to the gallows and he was saying some few slogans. He was very, very, very, broken,” said Iraqi National Security Adviser Muwaffak al-Rubaie, one of the few witnesses.

Clutching a copy of the Koran, Saddam was led into the building. “You could see the fear in his face,” al-Rubaie said.

What? He did not want to see Allah face to face and get his bevy of virgins?

From his Texas ranch, US President George Bush issued a prompt statement praising Saddam’s trial. “Today, Saddam Hussein was executed after receiving a fair trial – the kind of justice he denied the victims of his brutal regime,” Bush said.

No sense getting too verbose. This does say it all.

The Vatican described the execution as tragic, saying it could feed a spirit of vengeance.

The Vatican has lost it’s sense of right and wrong. They, of all organizations, should know the Ten Commandments say, “Thou shalt not murder”, not “Thou Shalt not kill.” – This event could also feed a spirit of freedom!

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said Saddam had been held to account.

“I welcome the fact that Saddam Hussein has been tried by an Iraqi court for at least some of the appalling crimes he committed against the Iraqi people.”

Why bother with the rest of his crimes being tried. Some shyster lawyers would just be making a living off of him.

Among the Palestinians, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum condemned the execution, calling it a “political assassination” of a “prisoner of war” whose hanging was “in violation of international law.”

What does Hamas know about International Law?

The Fatah movement also condemned the execution, according to the Palestine News Network. It also said that the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails had announced several days of mourning.

Let ’em go on a hunger strike too. Cost less to keep ’em.

The tribe of Saddam and the municipal council of his home town Tikrit demanded that the body would be taken to Tikrit in a US plane and under US protection so that he could be buried there.

Demanded??? What? So they can attack the plane and US personnel. Forget it.

Sheikh Ali al-Nada of the Tikrit-based al-Bayjat tribe and the town council said Saddam Hussein should be buried close to his two dead sons, Uday and Qusay.

How about we throw his remains in a wood chipper (feet first) and scatter the remains over Iran? Might get some Iranian bigwigs to thinking…


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