It’s amazing what a condemned ex-dictator will say when he’s staring his own death in the face. Take Saddam Hussein, for instance. In a letter posted on the Internet Wednesday, he called on Iraqis not to hate the invaders of their country:

“I call on you not to hate because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking.”

Huh? Sounds like something the Dalai Lama might have said. If the mass-murdering dictator Saddam Hussein wrote that, I’ll eat my hat. Whoa, wait a minute, let me reword that. If Saddam Hussein meant it, then I’ll eat my hat because apparently, he really did write it.

Okay, so he wrote it. Or someone did and he’s taking credit for it. But so what? Should he therefore be given mercy and be allowed to live? I don’t think so. Was there anything in that letter about an apology for the countless atrocities he perpetrated against his own people and the citizens of neighboring countries? Nah, he didn’t get quite that syrupy. But he did mention something about his own glorious martyrdom:

“I sacrifice myself. If God wills it, he will place me among the true men and martyrs.”

Wow, he’s all set to become the mother of all martyrs. How noble. And as usual, it’s all about Saddam. But let’s set the record straight — he isn’t sacrificing himself, he was busted after being dragged out of a pathetic hole in the ground where he was hiding like a cornered rat. It’s not exactly a prescription for virgins in paradise.

Anyway, his death penalty has gone through the appeals process and has been upheld. That means that any day now, if not any moment now, he could be hung by the neck until dead. Nothing could be more richly deserved and the entire civilized world ought to stand up and cheer. But as usual, much of the civilized world is torn over Saddam’s impending execution and is exhibiting all the classic signs of moral confusion.

The European Union (EU), for instance, has, in its inimitably diffident and cringing way, called on Iraq not to carry out the death sentence. Sure, the EU will have you know, Saddam was a bad guy. Sure, he raped, tortured and murdered his own citizens by the hundreds of thousands. Sure, he started wars against his neighbors which resulted in at least a million deaths. Sure, he paid $25,000 bounties to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers for killing Jews. Sure, he was one of the most brutal dictators in modern history.

But we have our principles and the death penalty is morally wrong in all cases no matter who it is or how many he slaughtered, period, end of conversation. So there, harrumph!

The EU could at least play it with a bit of class like the British government, which also, of course, opposes the death penalty. While stipulating that its position on the death penalty is clear, a Foreign Office spokesman said, “It’s a matter for the Iraqi tribunal.”

In other words, it’s up to the Iraqis, we’re not going to mouth off about it and we understand that civilization will be able to endure this one execution without collapsing.

Here’s a message to the EU: If you want to stand on principle and oppose the death penalty generally, then fine. But c’mon, pipe down about it for the moment and make just this one exception to your otherwise uncompromising, fundamentalist anti-death penalty dogma for this mass murderer of more than a million. To let this bastard live would be like spitting on the graves of all his victims.

And by the way, if the EU wants something serious to worry about, it might consider coming up with a plan to try and avoid the otherwise impending Islamification of Europe. If it doesn’t, then the EU, which is famously hostile towards not only capital punishment but religion as well, will get a huge dose of both rammed down its throat.

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