Saddam Look-Alike Hypnotizes a Suggestible Italian Clerk out of cash

They say he looks like a combination of Rasputin and Saddam Hussein and that he is able to hypnotize checkout girls into giving him cash, in other words, a mesmerizing robber now hunted by the Italian police.


Rasputin-Saddam Hypnotist (wearing a scruffy gray charcoal corduroy suit)

In the world of hypnosis there are subjects who are deemed more “suggestible” to the hypnotist. We wondered what criteria the man wanted by the Italian police used to scope out his potential targets and just how was he able to “hypnotize” these women into handing over the cash in their supermarket drawer.

The robber may have been using what is known as “conversational hypnosis”.

According to Michael Lee, the technique known as Conversational Hypnosis can be easily used in regular conversations, that master persuaders and hypnotists have been incorporating conversational hypnosis into “everyday conversations to convince people to accept their ideas”.

Was this how the man in Italy was able to hypnotize store clerks while they checked out his groceries?

The Italian authorities are still looking for the Saddam Rasputin look-alike Hypnotist Bandit, will they catch him before he strikes again?

If they arrest him will he be able to “hypnotize” the police into letting him go? Just how good is this guy? We’ll find out if and when the authorities ever catch up to him. Until then Italian women should be on the look out for the scruffy Hypnotist Bandit, he could be in their next checkout line.

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Source: Saddam Look-Alike Hypnotizes Italian Women Out of Cash

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