Another major CA paper – the Sacramento Bee – reported Sunday on Senator McCain’s fund-raising operation, along with that of other major candidates in both parties.  However, unlike the LA Times article on Nevada fundraising, McCain did not get the lead.  Here are excerpts: 

“MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. _ Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards arrived at the Google company auditorium determined to speak the language of high tech.  He was the fourth presidential candidate this year to make the political pilgrimage to the Mountain View headquarters of the Web search engine and beckoning star of the Internet economy. Democratic and Republican contenders alike are burnishing their credentials as tech-savvy candidates, knowing that Silicon Valley may well hold the key to sustaining their White House bids through California’s Feb. 5 presidential primary and beyond. They are also chasing potentially millions of dollars in contributions from venture capitalists, computer designers and Internet mavericks. “Why would a candidate go to Google?” observed Robert Boorstin, Google’s director of corporate and policy communications and a former Democratic political operative. “It shows: `I get the future.’” And so, as with other Google guests in recent months _ Arizona Sen. John McCain, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton _ Edwards sought to demonstrate a grasp of the new economies and entrepreneurial visions of Silicon Valley. Unlike California’s other political money reservoir _ Hollywood’s mostly Democratic entertainment community _ this heart of technology innovation is critiquing candidates, asking questions and donating money with decidedly bipartisan streak. “There’s a pragmatism here because of our engineering backgrounds,” said Joe Pon, vice president of corporate affairs for Applied Materials, a firm that creates equipment for manufacturing computer chips. “It leads to an openness on supporting people from both parties, providing they’re speaking intelligently about issues we care about.” That’s why Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani is savoring the company of E. Floyd Kvamme, a leading technology investor and longtime computer systems executive who feted the former New York mayor at a fundraiser the same day Edwards visited Google. It’s why Clinton prepared an exhaustive “innovation agenda” speech for her May 31 appearance before the Silicon Valley Leadership Group of CEOs and senior officers representing 210 companies totaling $1 trillion in annual revenues. It’s why McCain recruited Cisco Systems Chief Executive John Chambers as a national campaign co-chair, and why Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney touts eBay CEO and former business colleague Meg Whitman as a key supporter and money raiser.  But Silicon Valley _ the Oz-like name for Internet, technology and computer industry sectors heavily concentrated in California’s Santa Clara and San Mateo counties _ is no longer content to simply dole out political money.  

The candidates’ town hall meetings at Google and Clinton’s policy speech and question and answer session with CEOs gathered at Applied Materials reveal a tech community demanding a certain intellectual vision in return.”

Read the entire story here.  

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