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In 2002-2003, The National Commission for Minorities spent 2.21 crores, 1.28 of which on full time staff. By 2007-2008 the budgeted estimate has doubled at 4.4 crores with 2.35 crores on full time staff. But that was not all office expenses doubled too from 73 Lakhs to 1.4 crores. For a non Executive Body it has 4 full time civil servants at the Secretary level amongst others. For a body that states as its objectives the safeguarding of the Constitutional and Legal Rights of Minorities the NCM has not exactly redeemed itself by publishing an annual report to account for how effective it has been in achieving its objective. It however lists amongst its major initiatives its activisim in furthering issues related to Minority Educational Institutions apart from 2 odd cases related to police highhandedness. Where the Commission talks of its initiatives in redressing educational problems of Minorities it actually only talks about redressing the problems of “Minority Educational Institutions” and rewriting Text Books.

That is only half of the story.

The Commission then goes on to list its recent achievements in solving educational problems of Minorities. Well so what “educational problems” did the Commission solve:

– Helped obtain clearance for a Minority Educational Institution in Rajasthan

– Restored aid for a Minority Educational Institution in Maharashtra

– Exempted aid reduction for a Minority Educational Institution in MP

– Minority status to an Insitution in AP

– Text Book rewriting in Delhi, UP

– Land for a Minority Educational Institution in Maharashtra

– School Holidays during Xmas

– More land for Minority Educational Institutions

– a couple of odd entitlement concessions for Parsis and Sikhs  

Why is Offstumped laboring to detail the achievements of the National Minorities Commission ?

Two reasons.

First is obvious from the facts above on how the NCM has perversely interpreted “solving educational problems of Minorities” to mean “solving problems or rather going out of its way to further the cause of Minority Educational Institutions”.

It is no wonder that 60 years after Independence the Ghetto continues to remain well preserved as before on the one hand while the Government of the day cries hoarse on Minority Issues.

The second reason is the hue and cry over the Sachar Report and the politics of Communal Socialism that Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi are hell bent on playing. In yesterday’s post Offstumped had critiqued the recent move by the Congress lead UPA Government to setup an Equal Opportunities Commission. The ostensible reason – Discrimination of Muslims ?

So if there is such overwhelming discrimination of Muslims it is but logical that the National Commission for Minorities must be seized of this issue. So let us see what exactly the NCM has to say about Discrimination of Muslims and what initiatives it took up to address them.

Now for starters we have already examined the list of major initiatives and recent achievements of the NCM which seem replete with addressing issues of “Minority Educational Insitutions” and not issues of “Minority Education”.

So what discrimination of Muslims are we talking about here, unless of course the contention of the Government is that Mulsims are being discriminated in Minority Educational Insitutions ?

Well let us give the NCM the benefit of doubt and dig further beyond the “major initiatives” and “recent achievements”.

The NCM also lists important recommendations it has made in recent times to the Government. In all it lists 42 major recommendations. The first two are about holidays. Next 3 are about issues related to Sikhs. The 6th is about Interest Subsidy for riot hit, 7th about Urdu, 8th on Kashmiri Pandits, the next 4 are Kashmir related as well, 13 is about violence in Rajasthan the next 3 are on assorted issues from wakf to urdu to targets for lending to Minorities. In the 20s there is more on Haj, Wakf, hiring targets for Minorities in Police. More on expanding the NCM staff before wrapping up with Malegaon and Gujarat riots.

The word “Discrimination” does not even occur once in the entire list of “important recommendations”.

Offstumped next takes a look at the NCM’s annual programme of action. Again not a single reference to the word “Discrimination”.

In fact giving even greater benefit of doubt Offstumped undertook an extensive search of all publicly listed material of the NCM.

The results are even more astounding. Just 3 references to Muslim Discrimination.

The first in the description of profiles of current Commission Members.

The second in a 2001 report on the purpose for Constituting the Commission.

The third in the NCM Manual released under the RTI Act.

So Offstumped poses the question – if discrimination against Muslims is so overwhelming a problem that it calls for yet another tax payer funded Commission for National Conscience Keeping,

how is it that an existing National Conscience Keeper that has “Discrimination” in its Charter has neither bothered to cite “Discrimination” nor bothered to act on ‘Discrimination”.

There is no “secular” political challenge to this subterfuge at the tax payer’s expense that keeps the communal Muslim Appeasement Politicis of the Congress in business. If the BJP raises these questions it is branded anti-Muslim and communal.

But where are the “secular” liberals in calling into question this fraud in the name of National Conscience Keeping.

Offstumped Bottomline: Tax Payer Funded Consicence Keepers reflect our Nation’s lack of faith on our own values and Institutions. By misusing them to further politics of Muslim Appeasement neither helps the average Muslim feel secure enough to discard the Ghetto in favor of mainstream inclusion nor does it help safeguard the Constitution and Secular Values.

The case for an Equal Opportunity Commission must be made on secular reasons of discrimination and not to appease Muslims.


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