The latest attacks on our national government strike me as the equivalent of sabotage or even treason. We have been drawn into two ‘wars’ and had our economy gutted by Republicans since Reagan. Obama inherited more messes than can be easily listed — the ‘wars’, lack of government guidelines and enforcement mechanisms in a host of areas, a nation increasingly divided between the superrich, those of us trying to survive economically, and those dying needlessly and devastated by medical expenses and losses of their homes. Fear and anxiety dominate the public consciousness — except for those with several residences here and abroad. And the latest Republican smear is that Washington is ‘broken’ which is picked up by too many Democrats who should know better.

What nation apart from a petty dictatorship attacks its own people? Needless to say when they are not focused on the latest child murder, the bulk of our media are repeating these smears over and over again until people begin to believe them. I have not seen such trashing of our nation since the Joseph McCarthy era which it took an Eisenhower to to counteract.

None dare call it treason is a slogan from another source, but it looks to me as though we are pretty close to that. Bush thought he could use Iraq as our permanent base in the Middle East and built a huge American embassy there to run it. He left Afghanistan in chaos which could have been avoided. He cut taxes for the superrich which should have been paying for such ‘wars’ and also monitoring agencies to keep our economic disaster from evolving.

Obama has been left to pick up all these pieces — burdens which no president has seen since the great Depression and WW2.

I find this all deeply depressing — lies and smears from the Republicans rather than a nation uniting to solve its major problems. Can you imagine our government now being operated by such crooks who are manifesting increasing degrees of madness — commending a murderer who supported their anti tax madness? Let us not forget that their suicide pilot was claiming his home to be a tax exempt church and that his family values consisted of trying to destroy his own.

What a depressing mess!

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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