There has been some shocking news to hit the world of reality television this week. A man by the name of Ryan Alexander Jenkins was a contestant on the Vh1 show Megan Wants a Millionaire produced by 51 Minds. Apparently, he was also a contestant on a third season of the show I Love Money of the same production company and network. The first season of Megan Wants a Millionaire was currently on the air but has been removed due to the recent events.

Ryan Jenkins is a Canadian who was recently married to a model named Jasmine Fiore. They were last seen going to a hotel on Friday and he left alone Saturday morning. That same morning, a suitcase was found containing a body that had a removal of teeth and fingers. The body has been identified as Ms. Fiore. Jenkins reported her missing on Saturday evening to the Los Angeles Sheriffs Office. On Wednesday, he fled and left for British Columbia, Canada. A boat was found that belonged to him Thursday which was left at the American and Canadian border. Evidently, he fled on foot into Canada. Now, he is charged with the murder and a search is being conducted in Canada for him. He also has a criminal record where in 2005 he was charged with assault in Canada and recently charged with domestic violence by Ms. Fiore.

I am not a fan of Megan Hauserman by any means. However, for her own sake, I am glad that she did not choose Jenkins to be her suitor even though it was reported that he was a finalist on the show. She could have lost her own life to this man if she had chosen him and nobody deserves to have what happened to Ms. Fiore happen to them. I did see a clip on the news last evening from the show where Megan and Ryan are having dinner together. Megan tells Ryan in the clip that she feels manipulated by him. He was coming across as confident and even arrogant at that point. I have to wonder if Ryan is a bully in real life. Adult bullies are manipulative and are arrogant not to mention charming. He also came across as charming in my opinion. It makes me wonder if he either narcissistic or a psychopath. Vh1 has stated that they do psychological testing on potential contestants for their shows. At the same time, a lot of people on reality television come off as unbalanced because it makes for entertaining television. A personality disorder would have been detected through a test, there is no way to hide that. Then again, he could have taken these tests in the past and knew how to fool them; it’s a possibility.

Again, this is why I say we have to nip this bullying problem during the formative years. Once a person becomes an adult the personality is set. If someone has a personality disorder then it cannot be reversed. Adult bullies are your narcissistic and pathological individuals. I have no idea what Ryan’s past was like. I have never met the man nor have I given him a professional evaluation. However, I hope he is caught for his own sake so he can get the help he evidently needs.

My condolences go out to the family and friends of Jasmine Fiore. She was a lovely girl and I know she will be missed. May she rest in peace.


Elizabeth Bennett is the author of Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From a Psychological Perspective. Visit Peer Abuse Know More! to learn more.

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