The up-and-coming next Russian President (and we can hardly wait) Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov has announced that US plans to set up a massive and totally scary missile-defense system of ten rockets in Central Europe that pose absolutely no threat to Russian whatsoever amounts to rebuilding a new antifascist protective wall, or Berlin Wall, if you prefer.

By stationing US rocket technology in the Czech Republic and Poland, so Ivanov on Russian television, a new line will be drawn through Europe, effectively creating a new Berlin Wall. This would of course lead to a further deterioration of the already unsteady relations between Russia and the United States in recent months, years of icy conflict between the two powers, proxy wars, another space race, Olympic boycotts, and the eventual fall of the new Berlin Wall which would of course lead to yet another German Reunification. “And nobody with any sense would want to have to watch them reunify again, right?” Ivanov snarled.

The Russian President-not-yet-elect is said to have indicated privately that his country would be open to diffusing America’s aggressively defensive course through an exchange of military technology or, at the very least, huge amounts of money paid to either his or Putin’s private bank accounts. US officials are said to be currently treating this proposal with caution.

We will bury you.

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