Issues arose earlier this week as the Russian cargo ship Progress was unable to properly dock with the International Space Station. The ship lifted off from Kazakhstan on Monday the 23rd carrying about 2.5 tons of cargo and equipment for the astronauts currently on board the station including water, food, and letters from home, DVDs, CDs and food from celebrity chef Alain Ducasse which is intended for special occasions.

The problems arose after the ship docked with the station and the crew noticed that a faulty antenna has kept it from docking hard with the station. While the malfunction is not life threatening to the crew, it does prevent them from getting any of the cargo off the ship until the problem is fixed. The first suggestion to be made was for crew members to make a space walk similar to one that was conducted back in 2001 to fix the antenna but they will try to fix the problem through radio commands first. Luckily and fortunately, the crew does contain more than enough supplies to stay in space even if they cannot quickly get to the supplies on the ship. Most importantly on the ship though is equipment to fix a faulty Russian-built oxygen generator that overheated and spilled a toxic irritant last month which caused the first state of emergency ever declared on the ISS though officials were quick to tell the public the crew member’s lives were never in any danger.

Docking Problems at the Space Station (Sci-Tech Today)

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