According to reports of many security firms, there appears to be one company in USSR which hosts support services for nearly half of all the Phishing scams that occur in the globe.

 The Company, Russian Business Network in St. Petersburg, is considered a shelter for all illegal activities, be it child pornography, online scams, piracy or other illicit operations according to some security firms who have monitored its activities.

Symantec analysts say that this organized cyber crime syndicate has strong links with the Russian criminal underground as well as the government, probably accomplished by bribing official.

It is said that to buy the services of this company one must have established himself as a recognized data thief.

Many security analysts feel that there is no legal remedy to such an organized criminal activities. According to, we are making a mistake by assuming that there is no legal remedy against such organized crime syndicates. Any illegal activity committed on the Internet goes against the contractual terms of domain name registration and hosting service contract and therefore these services can be revoked if the Law Enforcement Agencies serve a proper notice on the service provider. If the service providers refuse to oblige then most of the Cyber Crime laws provide for them being held responsible for abetting the crime

This will make the services in -accessible to a large part of the Netizens. Alternatively, any site hosted in the network can be tagged with an alert which can reduce the possibility of Netizens being cheated.

We have been discussing the role of Cyber Space Command as envisaged in USA whether an aggressive Cyber attack can be mounted by Cyber armies against organized Cyber Crime centers. It appears that the Russian Business network is a fit case for Cyber Armies to attack and disable if the concept of aggressive Cyber Defense is acceptable.

In India also a discussion has been started and a seminar in Bangalore on October 17th will precisely address this issue of “Cyber Army Command” for India. Several security experts are expected to add their views to this important debate and hopefully the debate will be taken around India in the next few months for enabling establishment of a proper all India structure of Cyber space security.  (Details of seminar is available at

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