Last year, I took the opportunity to visit Russia for the first time.  It made a big impression on me and I wrote about the country and its people twice (Russian President Putin to visit USA and Russia plans massive Arctic oil grab) in June 2007.  The impression I came away with was that Russians (especially the young people) are a proud, determined nation who believe in Putin’s leadership.  Today, we can be sure that most people in Russia are fully behind the military action against the state of Georgia and that the West had better take this as a warning of more aggressive action to come… 

The recent, ongoing “brutal” invasion and occupation of Georgia is typical of the resurgent Russia that I saw.  Russians don’t burden their military with stupid Western style “Rules of Engagement (Daily Mail)”, nor do they expect their soldiers to be nursemaids or policemen.  Their soldiers are trained to fight and win.  Unlike the West, Russians value their soldiers’ lives more than they value the lives of enemy soldiers or civilians.  No misguided “hearts and minds” for them – they go all out to win.  Every nation on earth except those in the West follows this rule.  And if we think Russians are brutal, just wait until the Chinese start… 

If and when a country goes to war, then winning that war is the only sensible – and moral – thing to do.  You can only be nice to your enemy at the expense of your own soldiers’ lives; and you risk losing the war you’re supposed to be fighting.  The British strategy in Iraq, and their humiliating retreat from Basra last year (after telling the world how successful their “hearts and minds” campaign was), demonstrates my argument. 

The real reason behind Russia’s invasion of Georgia is energy – oil and gas.  (That should have been the declared reason behind the West’s invasion of Iraq – energy supplies are worth fighting for.)  Western Europe is increasingly and heavily reliant on oil and gas coming from Russia, and from the countries that surround that increasingly belligerent country.  The Russian invasion of Georgia succeeded in tightening the Russian grip on all supplies of energy to Western Europe. 

Another reason behind Russia’s invasion has to do with pride – what most people in the world call “face” or honour.  Only White Liberal Democrats do not regard “face”, honour or their own pride as important.  They’re “too civilised” and would rather “turn the other cheek” than fight for anything. 

This debasement of honour by the liberals who control our media, and much of our political establishment, has already destroyed the once great British nation, and is busily eating away like a cancer at the United States of America. 

It manifested itself in that cringingly disgraceful display of cowardice by the British Royal Navy when they meekly submitted to capture by a few Iranian gunboats in April 2007.  This humiliation of a once great and powerful nation would have been watched with incredulity by all non-western powers.  It encouraged the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan to attack British and American forces with renewed audacity and vigour.  Just a few months later, the British Army staged a disgraceful retreat from Basra and they’ve suffered subsequent humiliations. (Secret deal kept British Army out of the battle of Basra, Daily Mail) 

Not only our enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq were watching, and taking advantage of, these manifestations of Western weakness and lack of resolution in war.  But China and Russia would also have been busy, changing their own perceptions of the West.  Georgia first; Ukraine next?  Then how about Poland, and all the other former states of the Soviet Union?  Further East; what about China and Taiwan for starters? 

One day, Russia will have to concern itself with the threat of China.  China will be hungry for land, and for the natural resources that Russia has such an abundance of…  But that’s far into the future.  Right now, China is busy plucking the rich, low hanging fruits of Africa.  When that continent has been stripped of its natural resources and colonised (at least 750,000 Chinese have settled in Africa during the past ten years alone – and more are on the way, Daily Mail), how about those natural resources closer to the Chinese homeland?


Author, Peter Davies was a soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975, where he took part in the capture and interrogation of terrorists.  His novel, Scatterlings of Africa, is based on his own experience during Rhodesia’s war on terror, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people.

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