Who says Stalin’s doctrines are dead or that Lenin’s teachings are forgotten in Russia?  This land of many intrigues and desolate landscapes and beautiful city centers is always a potential world power.  The far reaches of the old USSR are now separate and distinct, but the mother country still has the natural resources to compete in the modern world.  Now that the upheaval of the instigation of democracy has run its early course, the country is tuning to a more conservative, socialistic bent that resembles the old order.  If you don’t believe it, take a look at three separate occurrences of the last six months which verify the trend. 


Vladimir Putin is deifying himself in the grade schools.  Putin is a Stalin-like personality who no doubt wishes to continue as President For Life.  Right or wrong, he thinks propaganda for the young will bring a loyal, subservient populace under his control.  Think back to almost every move of Joe Stalin in this matter for a historical pespective.


Russia has begun a new round of long distance bomber over-flights in the Pacific and Atlantic to rattle the saber once again.  The equipment used, the cold war long range bomber, is of B-52 vintage and easily intercepted.  The real purpose here cannot be strategic any longer but just a reminder that Russia is in the contender mix and not to be ignored.  No doubt the aggressive attitude once again signals the old combative attitude.  And if there are bomber over flights, the Russians have probably warmed up the remains of the submarine fleet too.


The press is full of the travails of Russian expat multi-billionaires and ex KGB operatives who are meeting with unexplained and catastrophic illnesses and sometimes death.  This parallels the aggressive actions of the government in essentially voiding the contracts entered into regarding oil and other minerals and the old factory/hard assets of the USSR.  The illustration here is of KGB-like actions on a covert basis which indicates a cross me at your peril program ala Leon Trotsky.


All of this reflects the background of Vladimir Putin.  The tactics are Stalinesque and KGB’ish and lawyer like.  The odds are high that the coming months will see announcements of more of the same from this Russian administration.    









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