Russian officials say they will not extradite to Britain any of the people suspected of fatally poisoning a former spy and critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to reports, Prosecutor-General Yuri Chaika said any suspects in the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko will be tried in Russia rather than in Britain. “The person who is accused will be convicted by a Russian court,” Chaika said.


British detectives are in Russia investigating Litvinenko’s death. The Kremlin its denied any involvement, and Russian officials say they will cooperate with the investigation. Russian investigators are expected to interview Andrei Lugovoy, an associate of Litvinenko, but it has not been determined if British investigators will be able to question Lugovoy as well.


Chaika says the polonium-210 that was used to poison Litvinenko while he was in London could not have come from Russia. Litvinenko’s widow and Italian intelligence consultant Mario Scaramella, who met Litvinenko on Nov. 1, have tested positive for the poison but have not become sick. 


British officials say radiation has been located in at least 12 places in London. The Health Protection Agency is monitoring the Parkes Hotel in Chelsea and London. The Best Western Hotel in London was tested, and no radiation was found.

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