Calm down, I am not talking about extracurricular activities, merely the delightful sport of Curling. It is a great sport, it does not rely on expensive gear likes Ski’s uniforms, or wind tunnel tests.

Curling is a sedate sport, injuries are infrequent, I am sure that at some point  a curler has dropped the rock on their foot, or fell on the ice when the broom broke. But these are rarities. Everything is in slow motion.


It is a game of strategy, the concept is simple, Gently slide a large polished rock down an ice track and aim for a target.  Each team has four competitors  and each member has two rocks. It sounds simple, you just whack the other guys rock off the target. Not so, the ice is flat but the rocks do not run in a straight line. A small twist at the release time will change the track it takes.

The brooms (sweepers) also provide a vital component. Depending in how they use the brooms they can have a huge effect on the speed and curve of the rock.

I have never been but amazed at the skill level of Curlers. It does not have the speed of the downhill, it doesn’t have the drama or costumes of the Ice Skaters. It just sits as a sport that is unknown and largely ignored.

Today the US faced off against host country Russia. It was just a round robin event, no medals were on the table. But it was fascinating to watch. Both teams were more than up to the challenge. Both teams clearly understood the art of Curling. The end result was Russia 7 US 6.

It would be easy to talk about home field advantage. But that was not the case. The US made a very small error, and Russia pounced on it.

Curling is fun.

Simon Barrett

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