After Listening to Rush Limbaugh, We Were Going to Do a Story on Obama.

After Checking References, the Story Changed

Rush Limbaugh was Wrong?

Say it Ain’t So

“But I’m going to tell you, this is historic last night. Barack Obama: the first black presidential candidate to win an election in the presidential primaries, and it was downplayed throughout all the networks!”

Talk about a heavy heart.

On Rush Limbaugh’s show (Best of Rush) yesterday, he talked about Obama’s win in Iowa. He said that Obama’s win was the first “primary-type” win for a black presidential candidate and the Mainstream Media didn’t say a word.

We were all set to do a story on that particular aspect: that Obama was the first black to win a presidential primary.
Boy!–were we surprised to find that Barack Obama wasn’t the first.

Jesse Jackson was.

24 years ago in 1984, and again, 20 years ago in 1988.

How soon we forget.

So, with a heavy heart, we decided that Rush was wrong. That doesn’t happen very often.

Maybe back in 1982 or something like that.

Anyway, we had to change our story. We decided to do one on the “Great Alliterator”, Jesse Jackson, instead.

Jackson’s 1984 and 1988 wins, from Wikipedia.

[In 1984], Jackson garnered 3.5 million votes and won five primaries and caucuses, including Louisiana, the District of Columbia, South Carolina, Virginia and one of two separate contests in Mississippi.

He [Jackson, in 1988] captured 6.9 million votes and won 11 contests; seven primaries (Alabama, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Puerto Rico and Virginia) and four caucuses (Delaware, Michigan, South Carolina and Vermont).

Jackson also scored March victories in Alaska’s caucuses and Texas’s local conventions, despite losing the Texas primary. Some news accounts credit him with 13 wins.

Now, we still don’t differ with Rush’s main point: that the MSM buried that aspect of Obama’s win–whatever the reasons.

Read rest of story:

Rush Wrong? Obama Not First Black to Win Primary


Rush Wrong? Obama Not First Black to Win Primary

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