The Republican Party may have been cast out to wander the political wilderness, but if they accomplished nothing else at the annual CPAC conference. Republicans have anointed radio host Rush Limbaugh as the voice of all things conservative and perhaps ideologically orthodox .

RNC chairman Michael Steele’s behavior is a sign of Mr. Limbaugh’s influence. The republicans titular leader spoke ill of Rush, and joined the list of other republicans who quickly called Rush to recant and beg forgiveness.
While I have often pointed out folks like Limbaugh and Hannity have audiences not constituents, in a Presidential race, twenty million listeners translates to a whole lot of votes. While the mainstream media continues to ridicule the Alaskan Governor I continue to insist she has a lock on the rank and file base and far-fetched as it seems, Rush Limbaugh on a Palin ticket would be a potent political marriage of populist’s.

I have never actually listened to his program, but I gather he favors the Alaskan governor as the current best hope for 2012, and if the deference he commands from what few republicans remain in national office, is any indication of how much they fear offending him. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn the rumors he has engaged some expensive high powered political advisers are accurate.
When celebrities decide to transition buy propecia online mastercard from speaking about politics to active participation, they seldom regret the effort even if they lose. From a purely tactical standpoint, Rush would avoid offering any public statement he intends to join a ticket till the week of the convention, even if by that time everyone already knows it anyway.

The spoiler in GOP politics is Sir Rupert Murdoch, presently the man who controls two thirds of what can be described as the conservative media in America, is not a big fan of Sarah Palin’s, which could trigger a destructive primary fight that lasts into the convention, If Rupert’s favorite is not the nominee or at least the bottom half of the ticket.
The 2010 congressional midterms will determine the depth of Sarah Palin’s influence over the base, if Palin power or Sarah Pac can translate into enough votes for loyalist candidates, even the support of Murdoch’s vast media empire for the establishment candidate will not be enough to defeat Palin’s quest for the nomination.

If the recovery plan fails to stall the economic slide in the next two years and republicans can convince Americans Obama and the democrats are responsible, they are in a good position to retake congress and come 2012 give Obama a run for his money.

That’s my view, yours may be different

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