Well if you read the press release quickly it seems to say that. It urges Republicans to change their party affiliation to democrat and vote for anyone but Dennis Kucinich, who incidentally has about as much chance of winning as Ralph Nader.

What bothers me is the deceptive style used. It wasn’t Rush (I’m a loud mouthed know it all) Limbaugh that said anything. It was a no name radio station in Ohio, who claim that they are the biggest supporters of painkiller loving Rush. The #1 most powerful Rush Limbaugh radio station in Ohio and the Midwest – Clear Channel WTAM 1100 AM – is urging its Republican listeners to switch their party affiliation to Democrat for the March 4th primary election to “vote against Dennis Kucinich … and make sure he doesn’t make it out of the primary.”

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

While I have no love of Rush Limbaugh, in fact I think he is a menace to society, the actions and WTAM radio shock me. Everyone deserves a fair chance. This is clearly a prepared and co-ordinated attack against Kucinich. It is a sad day when the media needs to get so crass.

WTAM needs to be spanked! They are offering nothing but hate and rhetoric. Of course the FCC could care less, unless the violation involves nipples in a Super Ball game.

In the chance that you want to read this press release, I have staged it here.

Simon Barrett


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