An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh:

Rush, since I can never get through and have no time to sit and dial, redial, etc. This will have to suffice.  Slim chance that you’ll ever read it but maybe some caring person will forward it to you.    They do you an extreme disservice if they do not.

Lets just cut to the chase, pal – you’ve been intellectually dishonest.   Either intentionally or unintentionally… but either way it has affected your overall impact.  Negatively.   Rush I know you must be aware of this.  You’re far too intelligent not to know that something is wrong.  Understandably, a man as busy as yourself has little time for introspection or self evaluation.  You probably depend on your pandering friends to watch your back for you – but obviously they’ve failed you.  So I’ve taken on this very unpleasant task.

Rush, I felt I had a duty to spotlight  your lapse of credibility when I heard you absolutely rip the Drive By Media recently over their silence on Climategate.   At first I wanted to cheer, “right on, right on!”.  But I couldn’t.  In fact a dark cloud drifted into my thoughts regarding you.  You Rush!  A person I’ve admired, respected and loved like a brother for a decade +.   I felt I could no longer pretend that there was not a problem within your message as a whole.   After some thought I realized; Rush is being a hypocrite.  On the one hand he correctly/rightly/continually blames the Drive-By’s for their glaring, deafening reporting omissions of Climategate (and other major news events).  But he has used (and uses) the same tactic of  “purposeful omission” himself.   In particular regarding the Housing Bubble/Sub-prime issue.   

Over the past year, Rush, you have put all of the blame on Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and the democrats for this crisis when you had to have known that the Bush/Rove team, too, was involved neck deep in the process of relaxing the mortgage lending rules and underwriting guidelines! 

No doubt that Frank, Dodd and the democrats bear the majority of the blame and both of these individuals (and others) should be jailed.  And I believe eventually they will be.  “But!” that doesn’t let the Bush/Rove team off the hook, Rush!  You’re far too smart to let something of this magnitude slip by you.  Even with one hand tied behind your back.  So I have to assume – purposeful omission on your part. 

You had to have known,  Rush, about K. Rove’s absolute and total obsession with acquiring the elusive, unreliable and overrated Hispanic vote ( LINK ).   His obsession went so far as to exclude and alienate other large conservative voting blocks!  But that didn’t matter to “the architect”.   No, the Conservative Base be damned, all speed ahead and make room for La Raza. 

And, Rush, what about the “American Dream Down Payment Act”?  The pride of  the very liberal George W. Bush.  You had to have read this speech, Rush!  Bush all but admits his intentions to rig the system so that 5.5 million lower income folks can get into a mortgage.  Whether they can afford to repay it or not, isn’t of concern.  The prime concern for the  Bush/Rove team?  Bragging rights.  Bragging rights before and during the ’04 election regarding the number of minorities who now own homes since George W. Bush took office.  

George W. Bush should have lead.   Rather than writing the token “strongly worded letter” he should have insisted that Frank, Dodd and the democrats cease and desist in their efforts to pressure banks and other lending institutions to relax their mortgage lending guidelines.   Using the threat of turning the whole mess over to the DoJ.  As Bill O’Reilly accurately points out to a very uncomfortable and less than candid Karl Rove here:  “Bush should’ve made it a central issue”.  But all the while “W” had Karl Rove whispering in his ear, “no, leave them be. We’ll let them take the fall for bad loans and we’ll get to take credit for the increase in minority home ownership”.   Bush should have fired this misguided snake-oil salesman years ago. (and so should Fox fire him now) But instead, the wink, the nod and the coy smile….

I can hear you Rush;  “playing the blame game, Dowdy”.   That’s absolutely correct Rush.  Its part of the necessary evaluation process.   This distasteful task must be done to analyze what went wrong with the GOP on 11/7/06 and 11/4/08.   And in order to do this we must examine specific human errors and , yes – name names.   And by your purposeful omissions of this aspect of the sub-prime crisis, you, Rush,  have robbed the  Republican Party and the Conservative Movement of a valuable method of measuring their dysfunction.  And without that capability, how can they right themselves?  Maneuver themselves back on course?   All of this because of your loyalty to your friend – George W. Bush. 

You are his friend, Rush, but I doubt he feels the same towards you.  How many times have you been invited to Crawford since 1/21/09?  I can assure you that neither Bush nor Rove have any deep respect for you.   We know that “W” expressed a disdain for the Conservative Movement and arrogantly claimed to have “redefined the Republican Party”.  He got that part right, didn’t he?  Damaging the GOP worse than Richard Nixon could’ve ever dreamed of doing.   Face it Rush – you have been used.  They invited you to the Whitehouse.  They wined and dined.  Mano y Mano with the POTUS.  It was all calculated, choreographed and it had its desired effect on you.  You never should’ve accepted that invitation.  You became nothing more than a piece on their chess board, after that. 

And you continue to act like a pawn on their chess board, Rush.   It is not a noble thing you do, shielding these individuals.   You spend 100% of your time expounding upon,  illustrating and spotlighting “the wicked left”.   The part of your job that you love.  But every job has certain elements that are unpleasant.    You are being immature and irresponsible by not performing these loathsome parts of your job, Rush.   And you are depriving your listeners, the GOP, Movement Conservatives and your Nation of the tools it needs to get itself back in phase.   Back on target and focused. 

Don’t feel too bad, Rush.   As a Texan,  I voted for “W” – 4 times.  He fooled us all.   Once I too felt an esprit de corps of sorts with the Republican Party.  That is until the GOP Hierarchy, under George W. Bush, revealed itself as nothing more than a collection of Transnational Progressives.     And don’t be fooled, the GOP remains highly contaminated with their ilk.  Which puts them at strong odds with the highly nationalistic Conservative Base.  This major split caused 11/7/06 and 11/4/08.

Rush, you continue to unwittingly “carry the water” for a few of the “old guard”.  We need you at peak performance during this battle to save our Constitution.   Harping on the Constitution-hating democrats all day by you and other conservative commentators does nothing to help put our GOP and Conservative Movement back on course with a winning strategy.  In fact, by your neglect and omissions you allow them to remain – in harms way. 

Darvin Dowdy


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